Well it’s been a while and a fair few miles in training since my last entry back in febuary. I am currently mid Atlantic, on a flight to Washington DC. The last couple of days have been a bit hectic getting all the last bits together and getting everything packed up. But I managed it in time (with more than a little bit of help from my mum) and, fingers crossed, have everything I need.

In my last entry I mentioned that I was planning a trip up to Yorkshire to see my grandparents – well, I did it. I cycled 260 miles in 3 days and felt pretty good afterwards so I hope that holds well for the “slightly” bigger journy I am about to embark on! I found the first day pretty difficult going – the 91 miles, from Salisbury to Banbury, is a long way to go on a bike. Especially as I had to turn around and go back the way i had come to get cash after ordering a burger from a place that didn’t accept debit card!

However by the second day (Banbury to Derby) I had hit my stride and actually really enjoyed the rest of my trip up there. Although the third day (Derby to Leeds) was very hilly I made good progress and it was great to look back at where I had come from and know that I had covered the distance under my own steam.

I staying Washingon tonight, where some freinds of my grandparents are very kindly collecting me from the airport and putting me up for the night. I am then going down to Yorktown via greyhound – then all that remains is to start cycling!

The journey so far has been really smooth, not much waiting, and I got upgraded to bussines so thanks to BA! I just hope my bike + luggage gets there OK.

I’d like to say at this point a big thanks to everyone who has supported me in preparation for this trip – both emotionally and finacially! I’ve still got about two hours flying to go and am looking forward to getting off the plane. I’ll update tomorrow – off to watch another in-flight film!

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