I woke up this morning around 5 to the most violent thunder storm I have ever seen – the thunder was deafening and the rain was torrential. After it had passed inwent back to bed and when I woke around 8 it was bright sunshine again.

I then peddled down into historic Yorktown which is right on the coast. It was another fantastic day – about 32 degrees, and a nice change from the UK to be able to ride in shorts
and a t-shirt! Thankfully my bike survived the trip and is performing OK. I went and signed in at the Yorktown visitors centre, It looks like I’m the fist person to do so this year with the last people to sign in arriving from Oregon last September. Although the receptionist at the ‘Duke of York Motel’ where I am staying says that a couple of riders have set off this year, so maybe I’ll catch them.

I then managed to get the two manditory photos for starting the trip – the rear tire being dipped in the Atlantic and at the Yorktown victory monument – the official startpoint of the route. It’s odd to think that the monument commemorates American victory over the British when I’m just about to set off to try and conquer America by bike.

I spent the rest of the day on the beach enjoying the good weather. Fortunatley i did manage to find some sun cream (one of four bottles for sale in Yorktown!) otherwise I would be set to burn riding in weather like this. I plan on setting off bright and early tomorrow morning ready to start the long road ahead.

One thought on “Yorktown

  1. Ed,
    Great to hear you arrived safely, now for the fun part! I will be keeping tabs on your route and letting the lads know how you are getting on. Remember the sun block, I will keep in touch, crack on fella!


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