I had a shorter day today, and traded in the official route for a shorter road with more hills. I think the only reason they didn’t make route 11, the road I took, the official route is due to traffic, but I had the road to myself almost all day. I decided to cut the journey from Lexington to Christiansburg in half to give my legs a brake, so I ended my day in Troutville – just about the only place in between.

Despite the shorter distance I was peddeling uphill all day, gaining more than 3000 overall. It was a great day for cycling, the weather is holding, and the temperature seems to have dropped since I have come up into the mountains, which makes the hills easier. I think the terrain is pretty corrugated from here until Kansas, so a better get used to it! I am over half way through Virginia now though and it is getting more and more rural, the countryside around here is awesome, which makes the riding enjoyable.

I have been menaced by a few more dogs over the last couple of days, but non have chased me. I have had a look on the Internet about how best to deal with them – apparently they are after the chase more than anything, so stopping the bike will stop them more effectively than anything else.

I had another puncture today – about 500 meters from my motel for the night, but didn’t mind repairing it in the sunshine, it made a nice change to the freezing repairs I had to make in the UK this winter. I have cleaned and re-oiled my chain and that has helped my gears a bit, but I still need to find a bike shop soon. I passed a place called ‘Foamhenge’ today – a perfect replica of Stonehenge made of foam! I used this afternoon to put my feet up and have a rest, I have another smaller day in the pipes tomorrow (dictated by avaliable services) but will be back to proper cycling after that!

6 thoughts on “Climbing

  1. hey you! hows it going? the blob is looking great. loving the photos, its all looking amazing! oh and btw, im routing for the dogs! i really am jelous while i am stuck here you are there haveing such an amazing adventure! UNFAIR!! so i have my london thing tomoro and am getting kinda nervous now. well i have to get up and slave away at my work …as usual! ah well, love you tones and speak to you soon!
    emma xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ed you are doing so well, it makes the 43 miles we did yesterday fairly average! What cracking scenery you have as a backdrop we are so envious. Jayne is well impressed with the 51mph that is an awesome speed. The accommodation sounds like an epic, I am sure you have thought of starting early in the day which means you finish early afternoon, which then allows you time to find somewhere to sleep. On the dog front I would try the dog treats and deploy treats if they start getting too close! We are enjoying your adventure, via this blob, lol, keep it up mate. As ever Jan & Jayne

  3. Hi Ed, Grandpa hasnt quite got the hang of this yet but with some help from Mum I hope this gets through although you might get 3 copies!!! anyway having spoken so often about diners we want to know if you have found any breakfast shops with lashings of grits,keep us posted. We find your journey facinating and look forward each
    morning to your news. Safety—- thats the word,take real good care of yourself. Love you
    Grandma Grandpa

  4. I agree with your mom. Don’t stop for barking dogs!!!
    The best part of your entry today is “Foamhenge”. What are the odds of a British guy out in the middle of Nowhere, Virginia, riding his bike stumbling across a foam replica of Stonehenge!!! Only in America!!! I hope that little bit of foam from home didn’t make you a little home sick.
    Keep up the good work and keep taking the self-portraits from time to time. I want to see if you are growing a beard!!

  5. ed,

    dont think stopping for the ravenous dogs is the the best plan mate. keep going, ur adventure is truly fantasic, far more exciting than chaucer. lol..


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