I got up ready for an early start today – and stalled straight away. After getting breakfast at the motel I went to get my bike and go, only to find the back wheel flat.

The rear tube seems to have totally disintegrated, and being Sunday, there weren’t any bike shops open. I have repaired it and it is holding air, but i’m not too confident that it will hold for long. I used my spare tube on day 1 and I didn’t want to risk the 50 miles through nowhere with only one – dodgy – tube.

So I have spent the day resting my legs and finding out exactly how bad daytime tv is in the US and resting my legs. The nearest bike shop doesn’t open until ten, so I’m going to try and get their for opening time and then push on, and hopefully get some miles in.

It has been a frustrating day, but I think that mechanical challenges and days like today are as much a part of the challenge as the cycling. So hopefully I’ll be able to have a better day tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. Frustrating I know, but don’t feel despondent, I am sure your legs are happy to have a day off! Good luck for tomorrow…buy a couple of reserve inner tubes! ly mum xxx

  2. how irritating for you. never mind, good to have a rest after those long days you have had. good luck getting the repairs done.
    love aunty julie x

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