The Road to Damascus


I go off to a good start this morning, and made good progress through Wytheville and back into the countyside. From there it got really hilly – the kind of terrain that stops you gaining any momentum, and drains your energy.

I steadily climbed up towards Troutdale, topping out around 3000 feet. I had lunch there, and a cold drink felt really good after a full mornings climb! From there I polished off the last real climb of the day, and decended down to Damascus where I am staying the night. The decent awsome – i got up to 56mph (a new top speed) and averaged about 40mph. Despite this i must have been decending for abou 20 minutes!

It was another hot day today, which really takes it out of you when your doing a lot of climbing – although i suppose it’s better than rain! I was harrased by a couple more dogs today, but haven’t had to use my pepper spray yet -‘some of them just come out from nowhere and you don’t have much time to react – you just have to sprint away madly.

Despite going through ‘Mt Rogers National Recreation Area’ today (a reserve for outdoor activities) I still haven’t found a single open campsite – a lot of them just have ‘closed for the season’ signs nailed to the entrance. I saw a lot of Appalacian Trail hikers today: the Appalacian Trail stretches 2,144 miles from Georgia to Maine!

I was finished today by 16.30, and have kindly been given a free bunk for the night by a woman who runs an inn for hikers. It felt particuarly good to have a shower and relax after the climbs I did today. I’m begining to see how Virginia can claim to have the most climbing of any state on the route.

4 thoughts on “The Road to Damascus

  1. Sounds like an awesome days cycling. Would love to know your total mileage so far. Keep going, you are doing fantastically. ly mum xxx

  2. Dear Ed, Another full of interest note thank you Had a nice Birthday lunch for Uncle Guy yesterday in Lymington with your Mum Flossie and GMa,talked about you nonstop!! Suggest you have a bike sanity check at each major town you zoom through just to keep us calm this end.Have you checked out your tent yet? You are progressing wonderfully well and everyone admires your determination and drive. Take good care. Love you. Grandma Grandpa.

  3. Hi there this is aunty heather. We’re keeping An eye on your blog each day so glad it’s going well. Keep pressing on ,love from the millers

  4. great day Ed looks like you are in the wrong country, sounds like Israel!! What a lot of hills, I bet your legs resemble tree trunks.
    We enjoy reading your blog each evening family meal where we cheer you on and pray for your safety
    Keep it up
    Uncle Guy

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