Today was easily the hotest day of the trip so far, with the temperature around 30 – far too hot for cycling! The terrain changed today, this morning I was definately still in the mountains – and suffered through the climbs to prove it – but by this afternoon the landscape had become more rolling, and less challenging. From what I have seen so far, there is a lot of cockrel breeding in this part of Kentucky – and they start crowing as soon as you go past – this sets of the others further along the road in a chain reaction – several thousand (no joke) cockrels can make a lot of noise.

I knew today’s ride was going to be difficult from the moment I turned on the tv in the motel this morning in time to hear the weatherman say ‘strong winds from the west’. For once the weather guys had it right – I struggled into a strong headwind all day. The wind and the heat made it a really hard day – it certainly felt like the longest!

By the time I stumbled into a diner for lunch at around 15.00, I was overheated, exhausted and thirsty – airconditioning and an ice cold drink have never felt so good! I ended up talking to a couple of guys from the local highschool baseball team, who were getting lunch before setting off for their game. They couldn’t beleive what I was doing, and said they found playing baseball hard in this heat – let alone cycling all day. A bit of appreceiation from those guys meant that the mornings struggle seemed slightly more worthwhile.

By the time I left the diner I felt a lot better for having cooled off and re-hydrated. The temperature had started to drop and there was more cloud cover, so that helped. The baseball team had told me about a place called ‘Big Hill’ just outside my destination for today – ‘Berea’. Big Hill is imaginatively named after the massive hill leading into the mountains from the town – fortunately I was going down the hill: the signs warning of the gradiant look a lot better from that perspective, especially after a long day.

On the dog front I was chased by quite a few today, and managed to outpace most of them. Although I was chased while climbing a mountain this morning (crawling up in my smallest gear) by a large pitbull. I dismounted, kept the bike between me and the dog, and shouted at it until it ran away. This afternoon, more and more of the dogs around seemed to be restrained – which helped – it gets the adrenalin going when a big dog comes tearing after you without much warning!

I hear the tempreature is set to drop a bit tomorrow, so I hope the weathermen are as acurate in predicting the temperature as they were in predicting today’s wind.

One thought on “Overheated

  1. Pitbulls and cockerels, it gets more extreme every day! Cycling back in the uk is going to seem very tame after this! You are doing brilliantly, but you have had a long week, so make sure you have a day off and some rest soon. ly mum x

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