Day of Rest


I took a well earned break today, and did a lot of relaxing. Despite my best intentions, I could only manage a lie in until 08.00. It must be due to the routine I’ve established – I prefer to wake up early, get a lot of the days ride done in the morning, and then take it a bit easier in the afternoon.

I spent the day, watching rubish American tv, looking at the route for next week, and doing some washing! The last day off I took felt frustrating, as it was forced on me, but this time it felt both deserved and necessary. For the next couple of days, I am going to completely abandon the ACA route, as it leads right into the countryside, with only a few small shops and campsites marked. Given that just about all the campsites I’ve passed have been closed, I’m not going to risk it. Instead I’m going to take route 62 just about all the way to a town called ‘Marion’ where I will rejoin the trail before heading into Illinois.

I’m going to get an early night – I’m going to near the energy if I want to put in another good weeks riding.

One thought on “Day of Rest

  1. Hi Ed, it’s great to read your blog and I am very impressed with the cycling rate. Keep up the good work your are doing great. Take good care and watch out for those dogs! Jayne & Jan King xx

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