Central Time


Waking up this morning had a distinct Monday morning feel about it. Despite a good nights sleep I felt like turning off my alarm, rolling over, and going back to sleep. I resisted the urge, had my inclusive breakfast (I always tend to go for the cereal – my experience of the cooked food in these ‘free’ breakfasts is not good so far), and was on the road by 07.30.

I think the heat wave of last week is now behind me (famous last words…) as the temperature his morning was far more spring-like – I had to don my cold weather gloves for the first time since leaving UK. The colder temperature, much flatter terrain, and the absence of dogs chasing me made for a good mornings cycling. In fact I’ve become so used to bombardment by dogs that it felt like something was missing today – 114 miles and not one attack! Early today I passed a natural warm spring – it was impressive to see the mist rising from it into the cold morning air. For the most part, the route that I’d chosen was good – it paralled an interstate, so there wasn’t much traffic, and a lot of it was designated as a ‘scenic byway’ so there were less trees and pylons lining the road than normal. Bits of the road were in pretty bad shape though, making for a bumpy ride – not to mention bringing back the threat of the dreaded pinch punctures (caused by the inner tube becoming trapped and punctured by the rim – I had A LOT of these training this winter).

I made it to the city of ‘Beaver Dam’ having done 90 miles by 15.00, and had my first KFC in Kentucky – which tasted identical to the UK veriety. I talked to a guy over lunch, whose son does a lot of cycling, about my trip. He was a bit in awe of the distances I cover in one day, and assured me that his son would be equally impressed. When I first started out people were entirely focoused on what I still had to do, now more and more people remark on how far I’ve come – I think this is a sure sign of progress. Something he said made me ask the guy behind the counter the time on the way out – getting an answer from him an hour out from my own watch gave away another milestone – I’ve made it onto central time (now 6 hours behind the UK)

Given an extra hour of daylight I decided to push on to Central City, about 20 miles down the road, and made it there in no time, to finish with a total over 100 in a day for the third time this trip. It was lucky I did make good time, as I managed to get the last room in any of the city’s 4 motels! Although I enjoyed my day off – the feeling of having put in a lot of effort and covering good ground is hard to beat.

5 thoughts on “Central Time

  1. Hi Ed,
    How are you? Have you seen any bears? What kind of food are you eating, and how many miles have you gone? We thought the Foamhenge was funny!!
    From Class 3

  2. Hi BIG Ed

    On sunday I beat your brother on the playstation
    at football on penalty shootout 3-2

    WARNING!! DO NOT GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from little Ed

  3. Hi Edward youare doing fantastic we are so pleased and proud of you.But remember you have lots of time so enjoy Take time to stand and stare///Nana s flight to Spain was cancelled because of the Arctic situation ,soshe is dissapointed Take care we love you Nana & Grandad XXXXXXX

  4. Hi Ed, I am really impressed by all the prograss you have made. You are amazing. What a wonderful experience. I am glad you were able to get away from all the dogs. I really enjoy reading about all your experiences. I keep praying for good times for you.

  5. You write so well ed we enjoy Reading your blog over supper. Maybe you should become A writer! Impressive distances you are covering as well. Over a quarter of the way, Mazing and keep going, with you all the way

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