Today was definately a day of two halfs. As per usual, I woke early, quickly wolfed down some cereal from the free continental breakfast and hit the road. I made great time, passing through Murphysboro, and out into the open countryside, passing through the same kind of flat farmland that I enjoyed yesterday. At Murphysboro I made another map change and am now on number 9 of 12. A nice temperature and lack of hills ment that I had hit Chester, today’s halfway point, having done 45 miles by 10.30. I would have made even better time if i hadn’t had to wait for a freight train cossing the road – these trains are massive, with carriages streching miles back down the track. Chester is the home of cartoon star Popeye and the town is a shrine to him an the other characters from his catoon. Interestingly enough I found out that Olive Oyl, Popeye’s girlfriend, was around before Popeye as a stand alone character with a different boyfriend.

Chester also marked the end of my breif stint In Illinois. As soon as I had left town, I crossed the bridge over the Mississippi and into Missouri. My first 10 miles of Missouri followed this mornings trend – flat and fast. However I was concious that I was peddaling towards hills – which rose imaculately from the farmland ahead of me. These hills proved to be really challenging. A lot of the gradients were steep, making for slow, hard work. I don’t think I was psychologically prepared for them either – It felt frustrating to suddenly slow down so much after such a quick morning.

After 30 miles of climbing I reached Farmington, today’s stop, feeling that I had been properly aquainted to the Ozark mountians! Due to a fast start, I made it to Farmington by 15.00 which was lucky – just as I arrived, the thunderstorms that have been predicted for the last couple of days rolled in. I don’t think I’ve seen the back of that weather system though, the next few days and the weekend in particular are forcast to be wet. So I might need to press my rain gear into service for the first time tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Missouri

  1. Hi Edward just read your latest news ,Hope you had spinich for lunch while in Popeye county .It will make those legs go faster then ever .Crossing the bridge over the Mississippi was really some thing ////.Eat well drink plenty and remember we love you .Take good care .Nana and Grandad XXXXX.

  2. Hi Edd,
    Are you having fun cycling.Time has gone we like your pictures as you travel.Now you are in Chester ,I like the statue of popeye.I hope the weather will be nice tomorrow instead of rain because the sun is shining here.
    From Kerenza

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