A Day in Salem


I had a rest day today, and it felt great just to put my legs up for a bit! I couldn’t lie in though, despite my best efforts, I was awake at 06.30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I spent the day watching old action films on tv, an watching the weather.

I think the worst of the weather has blown over now, although there has been quite a bit of rain today. So hopefully I’ll have a dry days cycle tomorrow! I have definately made some progress now – and hope to put in some quick miles before I hit the Rockies, when I’m bound to slow up a bit. I just hope I don’t have the wind against me in Kansas.

I’m going to get an early start tomorrow, and get back on the road! While it’s nice to take a day off, it doesn’t get me any closer to Oregon.

3 thoughts on “A Day in Salem

  1. Hi Ed hope you are getting some dry weather after the storms!! It sounds fantastic ( heading for the Rockies ) We are peddling along with you every mile (we wish) You have meet some very kind people along the way .So keep eating the healthy stuff and get plenty of rest (and enjoy every mile)!!!!!!Take care we love you Nana & Grandad XXXXX

  2. Hi Ed with all the rain and lightening storms your hair must be growing and lightening blonde infact you might make a rugged male model by the time you return as long as you dont make friends with bears as you did with the dog.Mind you I have not met a bear who can run 15 miles, maybe it will be a streaker next time. Enjoy yourself and take care. thinking of you,Best wishes Nigel Ross

  3. Edward – wow – you seem to be doing exceptionally well – keep it up!! we have been wondering how you are getting on and are now enjoying reading all about it on your blog. Best wishes for every day – love the Stricklands

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