Bike Repairs


I had a really successful day at the ‘Sunshine Bike Shop’ today and have had my bike totally overhauled. I had a later start this morning, as the shop didn’t open until 10, and I only had to ride 15 miles to get there. I left bags of time, and got there for opening as I had planned. As it turns out the problem was far more complicated than I thought it would be.

Ever since I rode up to Yorkshire in preparation for this trip my chain has been skipping and periodically coming off. Different shops have tried solving the problem by changing the tension on the gear cable – which has helped to a certain extent but has not solved the underlying problem: a worn out chain and rear casette. When the chain came off it damaged the hub of the rear wheel, weakening the wheel, and leading to the broken spokes. Apparently when one spoke goes it can lead to more going + it didn’t help that the last shop botched the repair on the other broken spoke. They said they could have a go at fixing my old wheel, or they could put a new wheel on. Fixing the old wheel was not guaranteed to solve the problem, so I decided to go for a new wheel. I got a really good deal on a new, stronger handbuilt wheel (second hand, although it had less that 100 miles on it) with a higher spoke count (so stronger) – for $50. They replaced my worn rear casette and chain, which should prevent the new wheel getting damaged in the same way the last one was. I also had my bottom bracket cleaned and my Derailleur hanger straightened, which had bent when the chain came off. Finally they gave it a bit of a clean – it’s first in 1500 miles – and replaced the rear tire which had nearly worn out. Apparently I was really lucky as this kind of problem can easily write off the entire frame of the bike!

The guys in the shop were brilliant, and were all jealous of my trip – it was great talking to people who really appreceate the scale of what I am doing. It took all morning to get the job done, and by the time I left the shop at around 13.00 it was too late to try and push on, so I grabbed some lunch and checked into a motel. I should be able to make some progress tomorrow, and hopefully I can cover some ground before I have any more mechanical problems.

3 thoughts on “Bike Repairs

  1. hey ed! it is all sounding absolutally amazing! i am so jelous of you, i have just done my french aural which was ok and i now have the french exchange girls here which is lovely. i didnt realize how much i had missed them. school is good but very stressfull… revision, revision and, wouldnt you know it, more revision. it is so so so boring! you are so lucky you have done all that. that dog was so sweet by the way! oh and i am very jelous that you visited the home of popeye! i love him!
    anyway, i am currently in a french lesson so i should probably go, but i promise to comment again soon and i am sorry i havnt writen in such a long time! lots and lots and lots of love!
    emma xxxx

  2. Dear Ed, You are now well on your way to collecting the designer,maintenance and operative, cycle award of the year. You are balancing events and work rounds brilliantly, with calm foresight and verve. Each day I get up at the crack of dawn to read the days epistle and carry the news with a cuppa into Grandma. Your exploits are spreading far and wide and folks have huge admiration for your endevours. We are dining with Mum and Em together with the French young ladies on Sunday so I am polishing up my Latin [it will be just as good as my French!!!] Off now to watch Barcelona in Euro cup on new gadget from our viewing position you know where. Your exploits are spreading far and wide with much admiration for your achievments to date. All our love always G,Pa G,Ma

  3. Hi Ed. just been catching up on your news after being away for a few days in the isles of scilly.
    youve certainly had a few adventures since I last visited the blog.
    The weather sounds appalling, cold and wet not so good . hope it improves soon.
    love the dog! he looks friendly on your photo but took a bit of courage to stop and make friends!
    hope your bike keeps running after the repairs.
    love Aunty Julie x


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