More Bike Repairs


I had a fairly relaxed day today – and managed to sleep past 06.30 for the first time in a while! Yesterday’s ride on a dodgy bike must have tired me out.

After breakfast in the motel, I spent a lot of the day at the bike shop – just talking to the guys there. They were pretty busy – it’s a small shop, and they had a lot of customers to deal with. The upshot of that is that my bike won’t be finished until tomorrow, but as I said to them, I don’t mind how long it takes just as long as my bike gets fixed, and stays in working condition for a while! The owner – Roger – was a mechanic for Danny Chew – who won the ‘Race Across America’ twice in 1996, and 1999. So he knows what he’s talking about – a lot of the local guys I talked today are pretty confident in him, so hopefully he’ll get the job done.

I was just about to leave the shop and go back to the motel, when I got talking to Todd, a local cyclist, who invited me out for supper. We went to a local Italian place, where we met a friend of Todd’s – Hermann. It was great talking to those guys – one of the hardest aspects of the trip is how lonely it can be at times. The food was great, and made a really nice change from the fast food diet I’ve been on lately.

Hopefully the repairs on my bike will be fixed tomorrow, and I can get back on the road on Saturday.

4 thoughts on “More Bike Repairs

  1. Hopefully your bike will be finished today. However, I would still recommend you just cycle around the area today just to check the bike out, especially as it has had another major overhaul. So pleased to see you hooked up with some locals and had a decent meal! ly mum x

  2. Hi Edward You do not seem to be having much luck with your bike i hope things look a lot better to dayIs having a spare wheel a possibilty could you carryit?anyhow it will be ok to day im sure Liverpool had no luck against A Madrid i hope Leeds do better to morrow You have done so well to reach Kentucky more K F C i bet the steaks are great!! look forward to hearing from you to_morrow take great care all our love nana&grandad xxxx

  3. Dear Edwardo,
    When we spent those hours setting your bike up in the store I never thought to ask reliability numbers,prehaps I should have!!
    but you seem to be coping wonderfully well anyway. Remember to bring home the receipts of all the work done. Big game tomorrow, If Chelsea win I think game over for them [and for Liverpool!!]
    I am so looking forward to your reports from Kansas, I think as we discussed this is the big challenge “the loneliness of the long distace cyclist”but once across, end game in sight, keep your spirits soaring Ed, we know you will Keep going with that cool level head and good self care We love you very much G Ma G Pa.

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