‘Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more’. Today I crossed state lines, and entered Colorado, the 6th of the 10 states I’ve got to tackle. Although I felt far from ‘over the rainbow’ – eastern Colorado is exactly the same as wetern Kansas. Colorado is one of 3 states that has no natural boarders, so there was no landmark to give tangible notice of the transition other than the ‘Welcome to Colorado sign’. Despite the winds yesterday, I really enjoyed my time in Kansas, but am looking forward to the mountains.

Today was peppered with landmarks – not only did I each my 6th state, but I also crossed into ‘mountain time’ and am now 7 hours behind london. As if these weren’t sign enough of progress my odometer tells me that I have now cycled over 2000 miles! I decided last night that I would make an even earlier start than usual to try and beat the wind and heat. I was on the road by 06.15 – this worked out really well, and I flew through the miles. I reached Lamar 102 miles down the road by 13.00. The wind was nothing like yesterday – there was a crosswind blowing from the north that made it interesting at times, but it didn’t have the intesnsity of yesterdays headwind.

Somehow, without feeling like I’ve done any climbing I’ve managed to gain more than 3000 feet in altitude over the last couple of days. At more than 4000 feet i’m the highest I’ve been on this trip so far – although I’ve got a lot more climbing to do in the week ahead. I haven’t changed my clocks yet as the wind and the heat don’t delay by an hour in a differnet time zone! I’m going to get another early start tomorrow as I have some serious miles to do tomorrow if I want to reach Pueblo.

6 thoughts on “Colorado

  1. Sweett!! Cant wait to read your blog for the next week or so, im planning on doing the section from Pueblo CO to Missula MT. So let me know anything you find that i need to know…lol,,, P.S. Watch for mountain Lions…lol

  2. Awesome! What an achievement, and fantastic to see 2000 miles clocked up! Enjoy the flatness of eastern Colorado it will soon be something you dream of. Not sure I like the sound of mountain lions, hopefully they wont try to run alongside you!
    ly mum x

  3. Edwardo, Brilliant continuing achievment–wonderful pictures of deserted American highways indicating how lonely it must be covering large distances alone,but clearly confirming your wonderful spirit and refusal to admit defeat–you have a large team of supporters here, cheering every mile and you are doing us proud.You are clearly the centre of conversation among family and friends with –“Have you seen Eds blog today?”all so enjoying your super descripive comments that will be a treasure for you in years to come.You have also indicated that very British character of having a keen interest in the weather!! Big game on Sunday–has really gone down to the wire. Peter and Mary have arrived from Califoria and send their love, its lovely seeing them again.Keep trucking Tiger you can hear our roars from here. All our love GMa GPaxx

  4. hi ed

    I hope you don’t get attcked by montin lions
    and we hope you get to your destination.

    from oliver.L Millie.G

  5. Hi Ed, Congratulations on 2000 miles. You are such an upbeat person and never seem to get discouraged. I look forward to reading your blog every day. It is so amazing to me that you have made so much progress. Keep up the good work and hope you don’t have any more bike problems. I am proud of you, Millie

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