As planned I was up early this morning. I woke up at 05.00 central time (04.00 mountain time) and was on the road for 06.00, beating the sunrise. I knew I had a lot of miles to cover today, but it was still a bit daunting to see a sign proclaiming ‘Pueblo: 111’ after nearly an hours cycling.

It was good to get the miles in early – I could tell that today was going to be hot as soon as I stepped out the door this morning. I zipped through this morning, maintaining an average speed of just over 20mph for the first couple of hours. I reached ‘La Junta’, just over half way through today’s stage, for 10.00 and decided to press on as I was feeling good and was still flying. Each town I went through had elevation listed on it’s ‘welcome to’ sign – it was a boost to see that I was climbing, proof that the anticipated mountains were getting closer. When I set of this morning I started keeping a look out for the mountains – 70 miles or so through today’s stage they finally appeared. At first I thought I was seeing just another cloud on the horizon, but as I got closer I realized that the cloud was in fact the snowy cap of a distant mountian. Throughout the day they became clearer, and more defined – this was a real boost, as they were the first obstruction of the skyline since Missouri.

Making an early start proved to be a good decision: when I was about 25 miles away from Pueblo the wind kicked in with no warning. One minute I was cruising at 18mph and the next I had been stopped in my tracks. Much as it did two days ago, the wind made the last strech an absolute nightmare. At this point I had already cycled over 100 miles and it ground my progress to a halt, leaving me to dig deep, and just keep pedaling. It was so loud that I could barely hear the traffic roaring past 4ft away from me! It was with great releif that I finally entered Pueblo, parched, exhausted, but glad to half reached the halfway point of my American odyssey.

It feels awesome to have reached the official halfway marker – I can’t believe that I have travelled 2000+ miles under my own steam. It seems like a lifetime ago that I left Yorktown, and although there have been some tough moments it’s all been worth it – looking at the map and seeing where I’ve come from is just unbelievable. I’m really looking forward to the Rocky Mountains, and some varied terrain after the great plains – but not before a well earned rest day. Over the last 6 days I’ve covered just under 600 miles, and have put in 5 consecutive century rides – now that’s progress.

It seems I couldn’t have timed it better, as I write this the wind is howling outside, and it looks like there’s going to be a storm over night – I’m just glad I’m tucked up in the warm.

6 thoughts on “Halfway

  1. Congratulations Ed, what a fantastic achievement! All you have achieved over the past five weeks is simply staggering and I am so very proud of you. Well done my darling. Enjoy your rest, and enjoy anticipating the next half of your adventure. Psychologically it is bound to be different…tough I’m sure, but you have the west coast in your sight from now on! ly mum x

  2. Ed – that’s a fantastic speed; well done. So – distance-wise, it’s all down hill from this point. Alas, looking at the map, the same cannot be said yet for the actual downwards-bit of that statement. Never mind: get some rest and look forward to exercising a different set of (uphill) muscles……

    Stay safe,


  3. 5 centuries in a row,,, damn Ed, i guess you will be trying the Tour de France next…? lol,, It sounds like you have gained some good fitness on the bike,, the strong head winds should slow some as you turn north through Wyoming and Montana, but then you will pick up a cross wind from the west..Its great to see that you can avg 20mph,,, even when im fit its difficult for me to maintain. Keep up the good work mate, and hopefully you can pick up a strong tailwind soon…

  4. hi Ed
    I’m glad you got half way

    hope you are glad too. 🙂

    Keep pedalling

    from Oliver.L (class3)

  5. Fantastic !You are remarkable its a pleasure to know you . Half way what an achievement. You must be so proud of yourself and I know your mum is.Keep going.
    From christine

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