Rocky Mountains


I decided to make another early start today as although I only planned to cover about 70 miles, I had a lot of climbing to do. The first strech this morning was easy, I made my way through the rolling foothills of the Rockies inching ever closer to the distant peaks.

I made It to Cañon City, about 35 miles from Pueblo for about 08.00 feeling strong, and already enjoying the most exciting scenery in days. From there however the terrain became far more challenging, almost as soon as I left the city I was climbing. This continued for the rest of the day – having started off at 4600ft in Pueblo, I am now at nearly 9000 in the small town of Guffey. Although the climbs were long, and there were some steep bits there was nothing as strenuous as the climbs of the Appalacians. The mountain scenery more than made up for the climbs, with more fantastic vistas around every bend. I saw far more wildlife today than I have recently – there were loads of deer near the road, and birds of prey soared throught the valleys. There has been a definate drop in temperature, it’s around 10 degrees now and will drop further overnight.

I am currently in Guffey, a tiny town in the mountains, I had planned on staying at a hostel here overnight, but the owner’s away. I was in luck though, the owner of the cafe, Rita, has called another local hostel – about 2 miles away, and they’re around, so I’m going to stay there. I have more climbing tomorrow and plan on making it over Hoosier pass, the highest point on the trail.

4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountains

  1. The mountains look beautiful; although I am surprised by how ‘brown’ everything looks. UK is literally an explosion of green at the moment; I suppose things are much later to get going because of the altitude. I remember you writing about Hoosier Pass in your very first blog, it doesn’t seem possible that you will be there today, ticking off another landmark on this incredible journey. We think of you constantly, and are cheering you all the way! ly mum x

  2. Hi Edward It’s great you are making such good progress.The photo of the bike in Pueblo reminded me of the one i had when a boy i wondered why i could nver reach the pedals !!It really is fantastic what you doing all the exciting and wonerfull things your doing and decisions your making Well L/U just made it more relief than joy We look forward to next blog and see you arriived and try to find on the map till then keep your line tight God bless Nana&Gandad xxxxx

  3. Good Morning Ed,Another super message this Sunday morning , brightened our day after the wall to wall coverage of the General Election.What fantastic continuing progress -now into the slog of the Rockies.
    We note a distinct move north to Guffey from Pueblo,on the map the way ahead looks beautiful and challenging. Are you maintaining the supply of the {20 mile nutty bars} or are they a rare commodity in the Rockies? and dont forget the cold feet bit we discussed now that you are gaining altitude. We took Peter and Mary to the deserted village of Tynham in the Purbecks {you will remember its history} and they loved it despite the cold and the rain. I am settling in for a nail biting end of season game for the championship. I shall miss your ball by ball observations. Take good care Ed we miss you and love you very much GMa GPa

  4. Hi Ed I am glad your bilke seems at last to be behaving.I hope your food intake is good and you are loading in the calories otherwise those birds of prey might see you as a light snack. I admire what you are achieving and your family are so proud of you. Keep focused.smiling,eating.and happy. Best wishes Nigel

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