Human Ice Cube


Last night I resolved to get up at normal time and see what the weather was doing before deciding wether or not to push on. The prediction of 4 feet of snow overnight did not come to fruition. This morning was really cold, and low cloud cover meant visability was severely limited.

I blasted the 60 miles to Walden, my destination for today, getting in at around 11.00 – although by the time I got there I was like a human ice cube. The temperature didn’t get above -10 all day, and apparently just to the north it’s sitting at -25! The low cloud cover today made for some monotonous cycling – I climbed up over another continental divide point, and when the cloud cover did momentarily lift I found myself in North Park. North Park is a basin surrounded by the rocky mountains, and from the little I’ve seen of it is really picturesque. I got inside just in time, and by the time I was warmed up it was blizzarding again.

Walden is ‘the moose watching capital of the world’ – from what the owner of the motel told me moose are about as heavy as an average sized car, and are very territorial. They warn you not to go anywhere near one as they do attack people if they feel threatened, so I’m glad I didn’t come across one in the cloud today. I’m going to monitor the weather overnight and see how things stand in the morning – there are severe winter storm warnings out for the area, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get out tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Human Ice Cube

  1. We have all been complaining about the cold weather here at the moment (frost again last night), but can’t imagine what -10 must feel like! Well done for getting to Walden, but sit tight if the weather doesn’t improve. ly mum x

  2. Hi Edward. Read your blog this morning it sounds really coldii i would stay put till it improves Old Yogi looks well fed lets hope you dont run into his brother up in Yellowstone the trip through there will be awsome We called at the library yesterday and loaned a large scale and detailed atlas so now its better to track at present your on the North Platte !!! back home we have a new Govt
    lets hope its success Hope you have a better day to-morrow so you burn some rubber as always travel safe love you Nana&Gandad xx.

  3. Hi cold after those hot days.the rockies look splendid.amazing to see a mountain lion on the road, bit more interesting than unfriendly dogs.It has been really cold here too,sleet today for a short time.we are all excited about the new coalition government, i dont suppose the Americans are interested!
    its so good you are well over half way now, and doing well.
    love Aunty Juliex

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