Snowed In


I tried to leave Walden this morning, but didn’t get very far. I woke up at 05.00, only to find that it was still snowing and that over a foot had built up over night. By 06.00 things looked to be clearing up, so I decided to try and make a move. I packed up and went to have a look at the roads, but it was quickly apparent that I wasn’t going anywhere. The snow plows hadn’t come through at that point, so the roads were buried.

I made my way back to the motel, slipping extravagently in my plastic-soled bike shoes, only to find that I couldn’t get back into the building without my room key, which I had left with my bike on the other side of the door. I slid over to the office, and found it deserted, so I wandered into town. It was utterly silent, with every surfice covered in pristine snow – white ruled as far as the eye could see. I walked passed several closed cafes, and had just about given up hope of finding anywhere (how many resturants are there in a town of less than 1000 people?) when I saw an ‘open’ sign flicker on. I stumbled inside, alarming the waitress – I’m sure the last thing she expected to see at 07.00 on a snowy morning in the middle of nowhere was a lycra clad Brit! I explained to her that I had locked myself out and that everything – wallet included – was on the wrong side of the door. She was great and 1 cooled breakfast and a few dozen cups of coffee later I was begining to defrost. It was quite good fun spending the morning there, and talking to the locals coming in for breakfast. One guy had just been towed back into town having spent the night stranded near a mountain pass, and another was preparing to go out and check the power lines for damage.

I finally got back into the room at around 10.00, and changed out of my lycra. I spent the rest of the morning talking to the motel owner, Dave, about everything from hunting permits to world politics which made a nice change form the usual ‘so you’re from Australia?’. I had a relaxed afternoon, only wandering out for lunch. On the recomendation of Dave I tried the local bowling alley which reportedly had the best food in town – only in America does a town of less than 1000 have a bowling alley!

The day was overcast and some of the snow had started to melt by mid afternoon, but by 17.00 it had started to snow again. I don’t know If I’ll be able to get going tomorrow, I’ll see what the weather does overnight and have a look in the morning. I have to be careful though, as they only use the snowplow in town leaving the roads impassable by bike. Although it’s annoying to be stuck here, i’ve had a look at the route today, and reckon I’ve only got around 20 days to go – so the coast isn’t too distant.

6 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Hi Ed
    Been aware for two days so unable to get your hillarious blogs. My feeling is you should go on a Moose hunt whilst stuck in the snow!!! Make a great picture for your album or to havea moose head stuffed over your grandmas fire. Loved the picture of the bear. Hope the weather clearsfor you tommorow, 20 days, not far now.

  2. Hi Edward You are very wise .Yto stay put till the weather improves you have done fantasic so far you can afford to relax!!! WE get your emails thanks.You say you have about 20 days to the coast Hurrah well done !!! We are having keen frosts here in Yorkshire nothing like what you are experiencing though . You are showing true Yorkshire grit!!!! take care follow the trail keep eyes open for more Yogis!!!we love you Nana& Grandad xxx

  3. I just did some weather research for you, it looks like there will be a few waves of small clouds w/ potential for more snow coming from the SW. A real good weather cite is then hit the weather icon…then the US map icon and it will take you to a great weatherpage, i prefer the staelite image but there are many more that you can loop together to see what has happend and estimate what will happen. Good luck and stay warm.

  4. Sounds like a good day despite the weather. Although I bet you could have cried when you realised your bike and key were on the wrong side of the door…as Uncle Guy said hilarious!! Fingers crossed you will be on your way tomorrow, but don’t risk it if the weather looks dodgy, it’s just not worth it. Only 20 days of cycling left….I can hardly believe it! Enjoy the rest. ly mum x

  5. Hey man, just found your blogs! I am back on the road now, in Salida. At 7,000ft now and I have the big Monarch pass to do that is only 23 miles away (but at 11,300 ft or some thing) once I can get back on the raod. Its snowing now so I am having a day of again.

    Glad to see you bike is holding up. I got mine checked out in colorado springs and spent $150 on parts! And had to get some warm weather clothing.

  6. Edwardo, Just got back from our delightful three day
    sojurn in darkest Devon and rapidly caught up with your adventures. Seems to go from one adventure to the next. Throughout it all you are keeping the cool level head that is needed and so typical of you. We discussed at length the clothing you might need up the mountains and so far they seem to have been adequate despite the ice cube phase!!
    Peter and Mary know the areas you are in and are amazed the distances you are covering despite the enforced rest days. Missed your company during the election, the philisophical debates would have been
    illuminating!!!! we will have a wash up when you get home.Bought some oggies on the way home today so will settle down with a pint and a pasty later and talk through your blogs. Expect to be with Mum on Sunday, after church with Guy, who will probably visit too, prehaps at the Yew Tree. We shall all miss you being there. Not too far now and all the beauties of the Parks to come. Keep up your wonderful attitude and dedication We love you very much. GMa GPa xx

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