I managed to leave Walden this morning, despite some more snow overnight. The cold made today’s ride really tough – it was well below 0°, and despite wearing just about everything i’m carrying I was freezing. The roads were frozen, so I had to be careful I didn’t crash – surprisingly slick road tyres and ice aren’t a good combo! I spent the first portion of today’s ride in North Park, and clearer skies let me see, for the first time, that it is a beautiful place with mountians rising in a ring around a basin in which vast herds of cattle graze.

Shorty after climbing out of North Park I crossed the boarder into Wyoming, and am now in state 7/10! I didn’t have long to appreceate the moment though. As I stopped to take a photo of the sign my shoes froze to the tarmac! This was just the start of my problems: As more cars used the road, the snow and ice formed a of slush that kicked up onto my bike. The slush froze to my bike forming icicles on my rear rack, frame, and legs. It also froze to the chain, and the gear and brake cables, this meant that I had to stop frequently and chip the ice off to stop my chain skipping. The frozen gear cables meant that I couldn’t change gear, which made a 4 mile climb up a steep grade really hard work.

After 50 miles I stopped at a cafe in the small town of Riverside (pop. 59) for breakfast. I was thirsty at this stage, as needless to say my water had been frozen for most of the morning. I croaked at the waitress that I’d like some water – she looked at me as if I was mentaly I’ll. Several hoarse attempts later and she got the gist. It felt good to warm up a bit before tackling the last 20 miles to Saratoga where I am now.

I have an easy day tomorrow, and just hope it warms up a bit.

3 thoughts on “Wyoming

  1. I don’t know about Yogi bear you are more likely to meet the abominablel snowman!! I feel freezing just looking at it….what a nightmare for you. I am sure you will be feeling frustrated, however, I think this is unusually bad and things should improve eventually…so hold on in there.
    Ly mum x

  2. HI Ed well done,we think your blog is amazing.Try to take picture of a moose.Hope you get out of the ice alive! Go Ed! go Ed! Missing you lots.
    p.s. how many miles have you gone?

  3. Hey Ed,

    Congratulations on the progress so far. Great achievement already. Hope you’re still enjoying it, I am hugely jealous!

    Good luck for the final stretch,


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