Relaxing in Rawlins


I had a bit of a lie in this morning as I knew I didn’t have far to go today. I was out of the motel by 06.30 and started looking for somewhere to have breakfast. I cycled around town, but nowhere was open – It didn’t even seem like there was anywhere that sold breakfast. I had a look at the map, and saw that the next town on the map was Walcott – 20 miles away. I pushed on, and made really good time – the terrain was the least challenging since Kansas. It was warmer today, so I could enjoy my surroundings a bit more. I have left the peaks of Colorado behind, but the landscape is far from featureless with high bluffs and ridgelines punctuating the landscape.

I arrived in Walcott, only to find nothing there – the map described a small town, in fact there was a closed service station and a couple of shacks! I was glad I had a look though – as I was making my way back to the route, I saw loads of pronghorn antalope about 20ft from me. It felt odd to be standing near a major road, and looking at a herd of antalope. The next strech was on an interstate. In Wyoming you are aloud to cycle on the interstates – most of the western states allow it as there are few alternate routes. This was my second time on one – I had my first taste of interstate riding after taking a wrong turn on my first day in Virginia. It made a nice change to the road I had been on for the first part of the morning: that road had a really rough surface, with a poorly repaired crack every 15ft – making for a bumpy ride. I cycled another 16 miles to a diner attached to a service station, and finally had breakfast. I only had about 6 miles to go until I reached Rawlins, so I relaxed over breakfast – I have yet to master the knack of not getting refills on coffee. I always intend to tell the waitress I don’t want anymore, but they always seem to swoop when you have a mouthful of eggs – making anything other than a gurgle in their direction impossible.

I’m getting an early night tonight, as I have a big day tomorrow – I’m going to try and make it to Lander, about 120 miles away. All there is between here and there is a ghost town that I’ve heard is an unpleasant place to spend the night.

4 thoughts on “Relaxing in Rawlins

  1. A Ghost town
    just the ticket for your next Scooby Doo adventure. Watch out for the owner, its always him wearing a mask!!!
    120 miles is a piece of cake when your legs are like giant redwoods. Get a good rest and see what crosses your path tommorow. Lol.

  2. Hi Ed, I hope you don’t get freaked out by ghosts in the Ghost Town. What’s a ghosts favourite food? I scream!!

    Hi Ed from Thomas’s Mum, what a great blog, you have written it so well and I am enjoying reading it. Cycling 120 miles in 1 day is something I can’t even imagine. Keep up the good work.

  3. Ed,

    The roads look as bad as some of ours back here in the UK. Too many potholes, etc.

    When will you next have a rest day ?

    All the best and keep up the good work !



  4. Hi Edd,
    It is so interesting to read your day to day account.You are doing a fantastic job.
    I would keep going as you don’t know what could happen in the ghosty town.
    All the best for the next 120 miles and take care.
    From Christine Pyle

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