America’s 5th Nicest Town


I really needed the day off today – I managed to sleep in past 07.00 for the first time in ages, and everything was aching. I lay in bed for a while, before wandering across to a diner for breakfast. I explored a bit of the town today – Lander was voted the 5th nicest small town in America in the 90’s and lived up to the reputation. It has a slow-paced, sleepy, atmosphere with no-one in a hurry to get anywhere – mainly because there’s nowhere to go. The snow covered mountians in the background give the town a stunning setting, with the green fields providing a feeling of prosperity that’s been missing in the open wilds of the high plains.

I managed to find a book shop today, having been looking for one for nearly 1000 miles! I don’t think there’s much of a market for literature in this part of the country. I’ve got a tough couple of days coming up with about 100 miles of solid climbing to the top of togwotee pass. I’m told that the view over the Grand Tetons at the top is worth the effort though.

3 thoughts on “America’s 5th Nicest Town

  1. Glad you had a good rest, hopefully your legs will feel a bit rested when you set off tomorrow. Have lost track of how many miles you have done now, can we have a readout? Fingers crossed the weather will stay clear and you will enjoy some wonderful scenery as you make the climb to Togwotee Pass. As the kids in my class say ‘Go Ed go!’ ly mum x

  2. Hi Edward, you crtainly deserve a good rest after the last few days,what an achievement in such awful icey conditions.Lets hope its behind you now and its peddling in sunshine and you can enjoy whats coming up. Lander sounds agood place for a rest ( a pub and a pint ) just suit Grandad !!! Looking at the map you will soon be on some good roads Dont forget to stand and stare when you get to the top of Togwotee pass wish we were there take good care we love you Nana @ Grandad xxxxx

  3. Hey ed it’s katie, great to hear about your progres, we always read it out at dinner. Can’t believe how far you’ve come šŸ™‚ we were at yours for lunch yesterday, missed you being there x x

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