Cowboys and Indians


This morning was crisp, clear and warmer than it’s been in a week – which is to say 3°. I knew I had a tough day ahead of me, and at 05.00 nothing seemed more appealing than rolling over and going back to sleep. I didn’t. Instead I packed up and hit the road, however my irritation at having to leave the warm motlel quickly passed. As I started climbing the scenery just go better and better, with rolling fields filled with sagebrush and cattle topped of with granate snow-flecked peaks looming all around.

I’m deinately in the ‘Wild West’ now – just about every man either sports a moustache and a cowboy hat, or is Native American. The terrian fits the bill perfectly, and it’s easy to imagine Indians hiding in amongst the rocks, waiting to attack unsuspecting travellers through their lands. I spent most of the day cycling through the ‘Wind River Indian Reservation’ home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Araparo Tribes. The reservation is set in the Badlands – an area of towering red rock cliffs standing sentinal on the banks of the Wind River. As I cycled up through the Wind River Valley I passed Crowheart Butte. In the mid 1800’s the Crow and Shoshone Indians met here to decide who held claim to the valley, the battle raged for three days, and still no victor was decided. The Shoshone cheif Washikie and the Crow cheif Big Robber fought on top of the butte to decide the outcome of the battle – Washikie won, cut out Big Robber’s heart and impailed it on his spear.

The area I cycled through today definately had a feeling of usefulness about it that was lacking in southern Wyoming – While I didn’t pass a single town all day, I did see various ranches and farms: civilization definately felt closer. I arrived in Dubois at around 12.30: the entire place is constructed around a wild west theme, clearly intended to trap tourists on the way to Yellowstone – one shop is brilliantly named ‘Knifes and Stuff’. In the off season it just seems a bit hollow however, as if their aren’t enough people to fill the place. It’s the last real town I’ll visit in the next two days – I have the wilds of Yellowstone and Teton to tackle first, and I can’t wait.

8 thoughts on “Cowboys and Indians

  1. Scenery looks stunning, and so glad the weather seems to be improving. Watch out for those indians! ly mum x

  2. Hi Edward,the photos this morning were stunning and now you are in Indian country,so you have a new name of EDDIE EAGLE. rideing through the Rockies. the weather seems to be holding now so you will be feeling abit warmer.You are doing really well,take good care we love you Nana @ Grandad xxxx

  3. Goodmorning Ed, Just had a call from David and Daisey. They get up early each morning to read your blog They love it and are so impressed with your whole endevour. You have now a large following- its fast overtaking Eastenders!! Went with Peter and Mary to Exberry- wonderful gardens now in full bloom and the whole gang went to Mums for Sunday lunch that was superb and we all missed you massively. Went for a walk to bluebell wood everyone loved it bells were in full spate.Scout loved it too!! Facinated with Indian stories, triggered me to open up my Indian history book.Anyway Ed we(the whole gang} are missing you like mad and cant wait for your return. Keep those wheels burning and take good care Love you GMa GPa

  4. Hi Ed
    Great to hear about the cowboys and Indians. Can’t wait to see you chased down the road by a bunch of Red Indians, beats the dogs! Photos look good. Missed you yeasterday but your mum served up enough food for the feeding of the 5000. 2800 miles is already an amazing achievement, hoping its downhill all the way. Go Clint Eastwood go.

  5. Hi Ed, Your Mum has been seting us lots of tests.
    You are really lucky cylcing across america not
    doing any tests. Good luck keep going!

    from Charles!

  6. Nice pics Ed, see i told you from wyoming on would be scenic. Wide open country. Nice pics, keep them coming. PEDAL POWER!!

  7. Hi Ed, I am relieved that Mrs Pickup gave the last test today, YAY my head hurts.
    good luck

    from Zoe x

  8. hi ed!! im so sorry i havnt commented in a while, things have been really buisy here recently. everything is sounding amazing, i am so jelous of you! i wish i could see some of this cowboys and indians stuff you are seeing, it seems increadible!! you havnt replied to my email so do, i want to here from you. i did my first exam yesterday – RS- it was ok actually, not as bad as i thought it would be! im really glad that the weather is improoving and that all is going well. try not to get frozen to the ground anymore…it might slow you up a bit!! 🙂
    lots of love
    emma xxx

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