I was really lucky with the with the weather today, it had been forcasted to rain, but I spent all day enjoying blue skies – It was cold though, not getting above about 10°. I had a steep climb up a mountian pass first thing this morning, but while steep it wasn’t too long and the panoramic views back down the valley made it worthwhile. The scenery today was epic – I spent the entire day surrounded by mountians, and fertile valleys filled farms and cattle. It makes a nice change to see some human impact on the land after nearly a thousand miles of barren rocky outcrops and windswept plains.

I hit another major landmark today – I have now cycled more than 3000 miles! It came at the right time – no sooner had the odometer ticked over than I started the tough climb over Pipestone Pass. Unlike this mornings climb, this one was long -I had to tackle a 7% grade for 8 miles. When I finally reached the top after nearly an hour of hard work, I only had a couple of miles left to go until Butte – all of them downhill.

In its heyday between the late 19th century and about 1920, Butte was one of the largest and most notorious copper boomtowns in the American West, home to hundreds of saloons and a famous red-light district. Now it just comes across as a seedy town past it’s best, with the huge open-cast mine casting it’s shadow over the city. I must have been more tired than I thought, as I spent most of the afternoon asleep, having drifted off in front of the TV – I have a short day tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have a chance to rest a bit more.

5 thoughts on “3000

  1. 3000 miles! Fantastic! Just another 1000 to go, what could be easier!! So proud of you Ed. ly mum x

  2. Ed,

    How much longer do you spend in the mountains, before its downhill all the way to the Pacific ?

    Keep up the good work and don’t forget to stop for the occasional beer and replace the fluids,

    All the best,


  3. hi ed
    3000 miles is Grait!
    carnt wait for you to get home.
    only 1000 miles left.
    come on you can do it.

    from Oliver

  4. Fantastic 3000 miles what an achievement.I’m enjoying the brilliant photos.What lovely scenery you are going through.Ali and Kerenza always thinks of you as you travel.
    Out of the blue Kerenza just said I wonder what Edds doing now We worked it out it must of been 11 oclock your time so I was sure you were peddling fast while we were relaxing.Go Edd and take care
    from christine pyle

  5. You are amazing Ed, this is the most fantastic achievement and the Chicken Family are in awe of you. Keep safe xx

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