Another Cyclist


I had a short day today, giving me a chance to rest my legs before the ride to Missoula tomorrow. It was freezing this morning, and I rode through a couple of short snow storms in the first 20 miles or so. Although the visibility was really poor, I could see the skeletons of old mining equiptment lining the road out of Butte. As the local copper supply was depleted, the towns economy and prosperity dwindled with it, and the abandoned machinary serves as a reminder of more prosperous days – all in all it made for a fairly depressing ride out of town. Shorty after leaving butte I passed the Washoe Smelter – the worlds largest copper smelter, it’s 585ft tall chimney can be seen for miles, dominating the valley.

Shortly before I reached ‘Deer Lodge’ my target for the day I came across another cyclist going the other way. We both crossed over into the middle of the interstate, and had the manditory chat. It was a bit surreal, standing in the freezing cold, with traffic whizzing by either side of us. His name was Wes, and he was cycling the four corners of America – having started in New York, he cycled down to Florida, across the southern US, and then up to Seattle. He is now on the last leg of his journey, going back across the Northern US to New York. It was awesome to talk to another cyclist, as I haven’t seen too many so far this trip – he has just covered the ground I am hoping to tackle over the next few days, and vice versa so we were able to swap notes. I had finished today by 10.00 and spent the rest of the day relaxing, and enjoying the fact that I was inside and warm rather than facing the intermittent flurrys of snow.

Tomorrow I have an 80 mile cycle to Missoula where I am planning on taking a full day off – I’d have liked to have gone further today, but there’s not much between here and there.

5 thoughts on “Another Cyclist

  1. From your comments it is good to see you are not phased out by the weather. Good stuff. Meeting likewise travelers is really interesting and such a great way to catch up on the going ahead. The weather looks bloody windy I do hope it is behind you.


  2. Good Sunday Morning Ed, Wonderful continuance of
    your epic trip, are you continuing via Deer Lodge or Philipsburg to Missoula, I expect tomorrows note will explain. As you leave Montana I browsed through a collection of Old time medical remedies and reccipes from the old west times.If you get bitten by a mad dog burn out the wound thoroughly with a red hot iron for fully eight seconds. Do this immediately after the bite!!!! then continue cycling. There is also a recipe for elephant stew!! Make a change from the hot dogs.
    We are experiencing some real warm weather on the Bournemouth Beach with large gatherings of semi clad people. Had a good concert last week and watched Mourino win the cup with Uncle Peter
    last evening I dont enjoy his style at all but there were two lovely goals. Uncle Guy is in Portugal after giving us a super barbeque for Johns Birthday.
    Grandma had to go into the eye hospital for a nasty eye condition but the continuous drops seem to be working. Peter and Mary return to California on Tuesday they say they have really enjoyed their stay that probably will be their last visit to UK.
    We are off for lunch at Vesuvios I will drink your health in Italian beer. Take special care Ed you are a wonderful young man and we love you to bits.
    GMa GPa

  3. Hi Ed

    I am so enjoying reading your daily blogs and following your progess in my very old atlas – I knew it would come in handy one day! What a tremendous journey for you – you are doing fantastically, showing such determination to keep going in spite of the wind, rain and snow (not to mention mountain lions and dogs!!). Keep safe on your final 1000 miles – the Pacific awaits!!
    Best wishes
    (served with your Mum at Portland!)

  4. Seems so strange to hear you talking about flurries of snow when we are baking in the sunshine back here! It must have been great to meet another cyclist; I can’t believe how few of them you have seen on your journey, although I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to see more people from now on. We are in revision fever back here…I would count your blessings that you are well clear!! ly mum x

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