I woke this morning to find the landscape under a blanket of snow. A couple of weeks ago my reaction to snow was one of exuberance and excitement at the prospect of such an exotic phenomonon. Now however the sight of it illicits an exasperated sigh at the prospect of another freezing day. After munching my way through a mound of toast at the meager, but free, breakfast this morning I ventured out the door, knowing that I wouldn’t be warm again for a while.

Although the temperature didn’t rise much all day, I was losing altitude and soon descended into a spectacular river valley, complete with thick wooded areas – a sure sign that I’m leaving the mountains! I spent the entire day following the Clark Fork river, losing around a thousand feet in altitude. For the first time in a while I’m below 4000 feet, so hopefully I’ll have some warmer weather as I head towards the coast. The ride today was awesome, with blue skys giving me a great view of the mountains either side of the river. I did, however, have a headwind for a lot of the day which made for slow progress -it’s frustrating having to pedal to achieve 14mph going downhill! Nevertheless I managed to beat the rain to Missoula, checking into a motel just as the heavens opened. I might have to get used to the rain though, from looking at the weather forcast it looks like I’m going to have a wet end to the trip, but, we’re all waterproof!

Missoula is another landmark on route – it signals the end of my journey north, from here i’m heading straight to the coast! It’s also the headquaters of the Adventure Cycling Association, the non-profit organization that produce my maps and develop cycle touring routes in the US. I’m planning on taking the day off tomorrow, visiting the ACA, and getting ready for the last push to the Pacific.

7 thoughts on “Missoula

  1. Another landmark, welldone! The push north has been challenging, but hopefully heading west towards the Pacific will be easier. Enjoy your rest today. ly mum x

  2. Hi Eddie
    Go Ed Go! how many miles have you done? Abi and Kerenza are so proud of you beacause you are in Montana we are missing you lots enjoy your day.
    From Abigail and Kerenza

    Hi Ed
    you are doing well.
    hope you get warm soon.
    we are so proud of you because you are nearly in Idaho, Mrs pickup is giving us hard lessons! from zoe and Minty

  3. Hi Edward now you are in Missoula well done ,So go west young man !!! we saw a film on tv which featured Missoula and the river blackfoot, we were so impressed the scenary is magnificent, Keep going Ed The photos today are really professional Hope you meet up with some fellow cyclists soon. take care we love you Nana & Grandadxxxxxx

  4. Ed,

    When do they get summer where you are ?

    Sounds like you are freezing your butt out there!

    We are in the middle of a mini heat wave back in the UK, but it is set to end shortly. Back to a drizzly Blighty.

    All the best and keep up the good work.

    I am off to the Hay on Wye book festival this w/e to rub shoulders with the litterati.

    I will raise a glass of cold beer to you.



  5. Have a good rest Edward – you certainly deserve one. Again what wonderful scenery. Sincerely hope the weather improves for you and best wishes for the next leg of your trip

  6. Hi Ed,

    I can’t believe you are almost finished with your trip. The scenery is beautiful but sounds like you are always freezing. Hope you get into warm weather soon. Best wishes for the rest of your trip. God Bless, Millie

  7. GoEdGo

    I am glad you are almost finshed your race the pics are soooooooooooooooo pretty you are so lucky that you get to take the pictures in person i wish i could see them in person too.

    love from

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