I was up about half an hour later than usual – I think it’s a mark of fatigue that I’m finding it harder to get up on time but, despite the delay, I was on the road by 07.00 after a great breakfast.

It rained all day today, and I was soaked within about five minutes – thankfully my new gloves and overshoes did their job, and kept my hands and feet warm. I followed route 12 along the banks of the snake river today, and while the views were better than yesterday I had no time to enjoy them. Not only was the rain torrential, but the road was awful – it was small and winding, with heavy traffic making matters worse. When cars passed they couldn’t give me much room, meaning i got treated to a wave of dirty water every 30 seconds plus logging trucks whizzing by about a foot away doesn’t make for pleasant cycling even in nice weather.

Just about the only good thing I can say about the ride today is that it was short and after 65 miles I made it to Lewiston, where the road widened but the traffic increased in density. It took me another hour to get across the city, where I crossed the river into Washington, the penultimate state of the journey. Crossing the river took me into Clarkston, another city that has merged into Lewiston.

I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to dry out, whilst waching the storm blow past outside – I just hope the weather is better tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Washington

  1. WTG!!! Your almost there…nice pics over the last few days too.. Thx for the advice on the Co to montana route i need it…lol


  2. You sound so tired, but it’s not far to go now. Keep your spirits up…just imagine if you had to cycle back! Willing you on all the way. ly mum x

  3. G ood morning Edward not far to go now ,it looks really wet where is the sun!!!t he Ilkley Gazette have done a wright up about you .so you are a celebrity in Ilkley,a lovely photo too.keep peddling take care love you Nana & Grandad xxx

  4. 65 miles, thought you could do that backwards with one giant redwood leg tied behind your back. Remember Grandpa passing walkers in our car when I was a child and driving through a huge puddle next to them. Hilarious for motorists!!
    How far is thereto go now? Cant believe you are almost there. Crowds are stirring in the stands, world cup glory and Ed finishing the trans am all in one year. Wow

  5. great work ed ur almost there mate, just keep it going. cant belive uve almost done it feels like yesterday you where setting off, truly incredible. just relax into the end leg knowing ur on the verge of completion, and near the end of an insperational jerney.

    much love


  6. Great going Ed I bet that 12 hour nap put something back in the tank. You certainly needed it with the ambient weather you met -brilliant effort massive guts you deserved your big Mac!! Will you be following the Columia river down to the sea? crossing the Horse Heaven Hills,we have been following progress town by town as have the Tribs in Mums school it has been wonderful for us all coupled with your marvelous blogs.Sitting looking out on the rain this Saturday morning weather much like yours at present–still its to be expected on a Bank Hol and we have a picnic scheduled with Uncle Guy on Monday. Looking forward to Englands last run out with Japan tomorrow. Hope its better than last time.We had a few oggie and Cornish cream teas recently and thought about you and talked about you lots. Finishing line in sight, keep focussed,plenty of water and big Macs all the way to the line!! go for it Ed we love you V much GMa GPa

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