Slow Progress


I fell asleep last night at around 17.00, and woke up still fully dressed to my alarm at 05.00! I was exhausted last night but 12 hours sleep did it’s job and I felt fresh this morning with a great breakfast helping to prepare me for a big day.

After a nice easy first ten miles following the river out of Clarkston, I turned away from it’s banks and started climbing. A couple of days ago I met Richard, another cyclist, who told me that just going down this hill had persuaded him to change his plan and head across the north of America to try an avoid the worst of the Rockies. So I was expecting it to be bad, and while it was long and steep it was nowhere as challenging as some of the moutain passes I’ve tackled and 2,500 feet later I was at the top. As I crested the top of the hill, wide areas of farmland stretched away to my right, and I realized that this was the first time since Eastern Colorado that I’ve seen a landscape without a mountain of some discription in it.

From there I dropped down into another river valley running through the plains, as soon as I entered it I was hit by a crushing 20mph headwind which, despite my frequent protests, persisted for the rest of the day. The wind was soon accompanied by rain and while it wasn’t as heavy as yesterday it was whipped into my face by the wind making it hard to see. The wind made for slow progress, but I dug deep and managed to maintain quite a good average speed untill my next big climb. This one really took it out of me – the combination of a steep grade, and the ever present wind made it a real grind. When I finally made it to the top, 1500ft later I was treated to a nice steady decent to Dayton – usually I would be able to coast down that kind of hill, but I was peddaling hard just to keep moving forward! The landscape today was a lot like the English countryside, with small fields and hedgerows – so the rain was fitting in that respect! About 10 miles outside Walla Walla, my destination, he wind relented a bit, and suddenly I was moving again – in no time I was ensconced in a Mcdonald’s wolfing down a burger and enjoying being out of the wet.

I hope tomorrow is a bit better weatherwise, but I don’t have anything like today’s 102 miles to cover, so I should have an easier day. I’m going to get another good nights sleep as that seems to be the key to success.

11 thoughts on “Slow Progress

  1. It might have been slow progress but you did it!! I was exhausted just reading about your day, I can’t even imagine having to cycle hard downhill just to keep moving! Enjoy your rest, you are so nearly there. ly mum x

  2. HI Edward Grandad is looking on the atlas to find where you are ,the weather is not in your favour is it .never mind you remember the saying I THINK I CAN IKNOW ICAN AND I WILL .take care we love you Nana & Grandad xxxxx

  3. Sorry to see the weather and motorist, narrow roads are not on your side – but you are doing so well despite all that – well done! We are also hoping the conditions will improve and that the last few days of your trip will go well – Bank Holiday weekend in the Uk and it is wet and grey outside – with best wishes the Stricklands

  4. Ed – I’ve been catching up on your progress, having been off-line myself for a week or so. Great to hear you passing the 3k mile landmark – well done! That’s truly awesome. The weather seems challenging – I hope that passes. Listen to your body when you feel fatigued – get some ZZZs and stack up on the carbs. Then give it stacks on the road. Good luck over the coming days!! Scott.

  5. Hi Edd
    You have almost done it.Keep going.Loving your blog and pictures.Hope the weather gets better for you.Missing you can’t wait to see you.Go Edd keep going.
    From Ali Your Best Friend

  6. hi Edd,your blog is amazing. You have almost done it I am missing you lots .Go Edd keep on going. Hope the weather gets nice for you. Love From Your friend Kerenza Andrewesx

  7. Hi Edd,
    I’m enjoying your blog and pictures they are brilliant.Missing you hope to see you soon.Go Edd Go.You are nearly there now.Hope the weather gets better soon.You are amazing keep going.
    from your friend Ali Andrewes

  8. Hi Edd,
    Your blog is amazing.Hope the weather is nice for you soon.Go Edd keep on going you are almost there.
    Take care
    Kerenza Andrewes

  9. Hi Edd,
    I am enjoying your blog and pictures they are fantastic.I am missing you loads. Hope the weather gets better.Its raining here too.You are almost there now keep going Edd.Go Edd go!
    See you soon.
    Your best friend Ali Andrewes

  10. Wow sounded like a hard day. Take a good rest tommorow and listen to Scott he knows what he is talking about. Ran 7 miles with KT yesterday and feel like road kill today so well impressed with you as ever. Enjoy your rest
    lol Guy

  11. Ed,I have sent this blog twice today!! if it gets repeatedput it down to GPas finger trouble!!!!
    Great going Ed I bet that 12 hour nap put something back in the tankYou certainly needed it with the ambient conditions you have met–you deserved your big Mac! Brilliant effort,massive gutty performance.Will you now be following the Columbia river all the way to the sea crossing by Horse Heaven Hills. We have all been following progress town by town as have the Tribs in Mums school,it has been wonderful for us all especially accompanied with your super ongoing summaries.
    Sitting looking out on the rainthis sat morning weather is not unlike yours at preent but it is Bank holiday and we are looking forward to a picnic scheduled with Uncle Guy on monday.Also looking forward to Englands last run out, hope they are better than against Mexico. Missing you like mad thought about you when we were enjoying some oggies and Cornish cream teas the other day!! Still not long now,the finishing line is in sight ,stay focussed[we know you will] keep up the fluid intake and plenty of big Macs Go for it Ed Our love always GMa GPa

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