A Broken Spoke




I set off in good time this morning, knowing that the road turned inland slightly and so would become more mountainous. Sure enough I spent most of the day climbing, but the weather was the best it’s been so far: about 30 degrees and no clouds in the sky. I stopped at lunchtime to consider the map: I’d been toying with a couple of options – either I could head west, and get a ferry to Andennes (on Andoya, the northernmost of the lofoten islands), or I could head south, and cross to the islands via a bridge. I wanted to go to Andoya, but I couldn’t find any info on weather the ferry was running -if it wasn’t I would face a 100 mile backtrack. I decided not to risk it, and pressed on south happy with my decision.

A little while later, while descending from a mountain pass, I heard a tell-tale twang from the rear wheel: O had broken a spoke. It took me two hours to fix it, being bitten to death by Mosquitos all the while. Truing a wheel takes patience in a workshop with a stand – but using zipties, and being pestered by insects adds an enirely different aspect to the task.

Job done, I pressed on itching my legs as I rode. Despite the setback I still managed to cover 90 miles today over some challenging terrain. I am wild camping tonight in the mountains north of Narvik (at the junction of the E6 and the 825). It was in these mountains that the Battles of Narvik were fought during World War II over the iron supply lines from Swedish mines, and I passed lots of roadside memorails later in the day.

Tomorrow I should make it to the Lofoten islands, so I’m off to recharge my batteries, and try not to itch my bites quite so much!

2 thoughts on “A Broken Spoke

  1. Hi Edward good to hear from you ,what a journey .it sounds wonderful we know the scenery in Norway is awesome ,but where you have cycled and seen the islands well thats a bonus ,has it changed at all since you went with Dad? sad about the spokes but lets hope thats it looking forward to some photos later Grandad is cycling with you all the way on his map!!!!!take care we love you Nana and Grandad xxxxxx

    • Hi,

      Really great to have the blog going at last, so I can keep in touch – brilliant to hear from you. The scenery has been incredible – especially in the far north. The Lofoten islands were a highlight, and it was definitely odd cycling passed a museum that I remember going to with Dad! I’ve just cycled passed Lillehammer, where they had the winter oylimpics in 1986, and I saw loads of ski runs cut out of the forrest. The broken spokes were a pain, but at least I can fix them now. Hope you’re both well.

      Lots of love,


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