Away from the Coast




I had intended to get up in good time again this morning, and get an early ferry – but I slept through my alarm and missed the ferry. Bleary-eyed I checked the timetable and saw that I had a couple of hours to the next one, and went back to sleep. As it turned out I had looked at the wrong schedule, and by the time I had finally packed up I found that I had to wait until 9.30 to get a ferry.

Still I had a good sleep, and managed to sleep through the first rain showers of the day, even if it was nearly 10 by the time I got going. I turned inland today, which meant climbing away from the coast and the miles came slowly this morning. It didn’t help that it rained on and off, so I was constantly stopping to take my wet-weather gear on and off. The slow progress, constant stops, and cold showers meant that my moral wasn’t great – not to mention that I couldn’t see much due to more low-hanging cloud. I was cheered mid morning by watching a family of ferrets dart in and out of rocks by the road side, and soon enough I was making good progress again.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying to find a map for the next leg, and haven’t had much luck – but I managed to find a free tourist one, that will buy me some time, when I stopped at a roadside ‘kiosk’ for lunch. ‘Kiosk’ seems to be Norwegian for ‘shop’ and so you never know what you’re going to get – some have food and water, but others reindeer skins and hunting knives.

I cycled another 100 miles today, making it as far as Namsos – the second biggest city population wise that I’ve been through so far (still less that 5,000 people). Tomorrow I’m heading into the most populated region I’ve been so far, as I approach Trondheim: but after spending a year cycling in London I don’t think it should pose too much of a challenge!

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