I was up early again this morning, in time for the ferry from Nesna to Levang. I arrived at the port a bit early so had some breakfast while I waited. It was freezing today, and although it didn’t rain, low cloud obscured much of the scenery. The ferry ride was a short 10 minute hop, and soon enough I was warming up on the first climb of the day.

It was hilly work to start with, but the climbs eased after I passed Sandnessjøen, entering the city via a huge suspension bridge spanning the mouth of a bay. I saw several other cyclists today, but only two heading my way – an elderly couple just staring out on a couple of days ride down the coast. We chatted for a bit, but I soon left them behind. I made quick progress, and arrived at the next ferry stop an hour early. While not carrying me far down the coast, the ferry between Tjøtta and Forvik took nearly an hour as it made numerous other stops. I wasn’t complaining though, and used the break to rest my legs and eat some grapes I’d found at a local supermarket. After eating mainly gas station fare since I started, fruit is luxury not to be passed up.

Once in Forvik I had a mad dash to make the next ferry, between Anndalsvag and Horn, covering 12 miles in about 40 minutes (a challenge on a touring bike!), but it was flat and I arrived with a couple of minutes to spare. Whilst I was waiting an old Dutch man took my photo, and got me to write down my website for some friends of his back home – he said he saw me climbing the mountain towards the end of yesterday’s cycle and was impressed!

Once in Holm I decided to make a push for Vennesund, where there was a campsite, and the port for the final ferry of the costal route. It was slow going, I had a wind against me, and kept stopping to try and find food. I finally found a supermarket at Berg, and bought food for tonight and breakfast for tomorrow. While I was attempting to fasten all that to my bike an old fisherman got chatting to me, and upon hearing what I was doing told me that I was a ‘Viking’ and had ‘the engine of a Porsche’!

Finally at the campsite, I had my soup and made sandwiches whilst watching the ferries, planning tomorrows route.

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