I had a fairly horrendous night last night, but didn’t really expect anything else: second time sleeping in an airport, and its definitely not a good idea! I started to try and get to sleep about 9, but the florescent lights, tannoy announcements, and baggage belts conspired to keep me up. I was kicked out of the main airport building when it closed at midnight, and managed to get around 3 hours sleep on a bench outside. Good news was that it wasn’t too cold, and I got a good look at the midnight sun.

I got the bus north to Honninsvag at 6.50, and managed to get another hours sleep. Arriving in Honninsvag at 10.45 I asked the bus driver where the connection to Nordkapp was. Apparently not close. To his credit the bus driver drove me there as quick as he could, racing through the deserted streets, just in time to drop me off outside the waiting connection. On arrival at Nordkapp, I got the obligatory photo at the monument marking the northernmost point, and, to everyone’s amusement, proceeded to build my bike in the foyer. There seemed to be a consensus among the other visitors was some kind of new tourist attraction, and I was inundated with photo requests. Bike built, I set off at 2: the views were awesome on Mageroya (the island home to Nordkapp) but it was below zero in the wind, and about as mountainous as it gets.

To get off the island I had to go through a 7km tunnel 200m bellow the sea – it lived up to it’s reputation – not only was it cold and dark, but the 10%, 3km climb to the mainland was exhausting. Once on the coast I caught a tailwind, and flew south enjoying the good roads and better scenery, arriving into Oldesfjord at 8.30. No sooner had I set up camp than another cyclist arrived heading north: Heinz was a German speaking Italian living just south of Innsbruck, who was touring around Finland when he decided to finish his trip at Nordkapp. After helping him put his tent up, we talked for a while, before I collapsed into bed at 11.30 with the sun still shining.

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