Norway – Gibraltar




You know you’re in Northern Norway when it’s as bright as a summers day at 9 at night, and you can see a ski-jump from the airport! I’m writing from the airport at Alta, following a long days travelling: bed at midnight last night – slept in the car – Heathrow for 5, and arriving into Alta 12 hours later.

The last week has been hectic to say the least – difficulties with procuring a US visa meant that I had to push the entire trip forward, leaving me with little time to get ready for departure. Since last Monday I’ve managed to juggle last minute kit decisions, a training ride up to Yorkshire and moving out of my university halls – not to mention one final epic night out in London. Somehow it came together and – hopefully – I’ll make it to Nordkapp tomorrow with all my kit.

I’d been told that Norway was expensive, but that point was driven home in Oslo when I was charged £27 for a small pizza, and £3 for some water – time to tighten my belt! In the same vain I’m going to try spend tonight at the airport rather than go to a hotel – £250 for 1 night seems a bit steep for me. I just hope I don’t get told to push on: shouldn’t be too much of an issue as I’m the only guy in the whole airport. Main decision now is wether or not to fire up the stove!

I’m going to keep the blog going as a move south, but although I’ll write daily Internet signal is non existent up here, so I’ve got a feeling you’ll be inundated at some point – a bit like christmas really…

There’s a cold bench with my name on it, so I’m going to get my head down. Tomorrow: the start of the long road south.

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