Tail Wind



I set off earlier than usual this morning – making a break past the mosquitos swarming my tent. Although flat to start with, the road quickly started to climb and wound it’s way up a mountain pass, before snaking down to Lingen. This enormous fjord runs south from the coast for about 70 miles, and I spent most of my day following its banks. The road was good except where I had to detour to avoid tunnels, turing onto the old road which was littered with fallen boulders and mussel shells dropped by seagulls.

This was not cause for complaint however: Lingen is without doubt one of the most spectacular places I have ever been. Mountains rise up from the fjords forming a wall of rock, while the waters shine bright in the sun, and wild flowers line the roads. The scene is only broken by sporadic fishing villages, drying their catches on great woodern racks.

I made great progress down Lingen, aided by a stiff tail-wind, and didn’t stop until I reached Skibotn, where I had two enormous slices of pie! I saw one other cyclist early this morning, we waved at each other but didn’t stop – from experience I know that He wouldn’t have been having much fun battling that kind of wind. On arrival at the campsite near Nordkjosbotn, my target for the day, I met a frenchman touring Europe by bike and bus, but the lack of q common language prevented us from talking for long. After my first shower in over 200 miles, and a gigantic burger I’m off to bed – feeling pretty content with the progress I’m making.

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