The Lofoten Islands




I think the only mistake I made today was having one of my ration packs for breakfast: I needed the energy, but it tasted terrible. I filled my water bottles from a stream and set off – for once I had a downhill at the start of the day, and quickly arrived back at the coast. It felt good to see so much water again after yesterday’s jaunt inland: the surface of the water was mirror smooth with the mountains and the sky reflected in perfect symmetry.

At midday I stopped for a bite to eat at the bridge connecting the mainland to the Loften islands and crossed feeling refreshed. These islands are touted as the being the jewel in Norway’s crown, and so far they haven’t disappointed. The mountains are more striking and the waters more turquoise than any I’ve seen so far. With the wind at my back and the sun shining I flew down the coast, breaking only for an ice-cream. Towards the end of the day I started to glimpse even more impressive rock formations further down the coast, promising that tomorrow will be even more spectacular than today.

I finished the day with a steep climb, stopping at about 3 with 80 miles under my belt, at a campground by a lake. After washing two days of sweat and grime from myself I cleaned my clothes and pans. Admin done, I read in the sun by the lake for a couple of hours, before wandering across to the cafe for some dinner. All they had was an extortionately priced buffet, consisting of reindeer meat and offal: not my first choice but all I could get. The wind picked up while I was eating, and it started spitting rain – so I’m going to curl up warm and dry in my tent for a well-earned rest.

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