Twin Peaks




I had an epic day today, covering over 110 miles and climbing nearly 3000 meters. For such a long day, this morning was quite lethargic: I was on the road by 8.15 but was looking for breakfast around Alta, which took around an hour. After a couple of bacon wrapped sausages at a petrol station, however, I was ready to start the day in ernest. I followed the coast southwards with the going hilly and indirect, I spend most of the day tracking the edge of great fjords inland before turning back to the coast on the other side.

I stopped for a break after 80km: it was not until I had pulled up outside the café that I noticed another touring bike outside. It belonged to a german man who spoke little English, but be managed to give me the gist of his trip: Germany to Nordkapp and back again. He left slightly before me and I passed him slightly further down the road. I saw quite a few other cyclists today, all bar the german heading North, most from Tromso to Nordkapp. It’s been great to see so many other people with similar ideas, and the chats with them on the side of the road boost moral.
The scenery throughout the day was awesome: icy mountains standing sentinel over the calm waters of the fjords, with costal islands shinning bright in the sun. Undoubtedly the best views, however, were from the summits of the two passes I climbed today – both were over 400 meters high, the road twisting up from sea level making them challenging. I had a stop at a café on the top of the second one – I felt well deserved after the climb, bit was not as good a prize as the descent back to sea level!

I finished the day at another café in Nordreisa, after about 10 hours in the saddle, eating one of the biggest burgers I’ve ever seen, before finding a spot slightly further down the road to wild camp. I put the tent up in record time, and I had good motivation: hundreds of Mosquitos. They were a hastle last night, bit here I can see them crawling around the outside of the tent. They can’t get to me in here though, so I’m off to sleep ready for tomorrow.

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