Following a River




Yesterday’s campsite sat on the exposed face of a mountain, offering spectacular views down through the valley – as well as a full helping of the elements. I was frequently woken by the howling the wind, the constant hammering rain, and the creaking canvas of the tent. Nevertheless, when I crawled out of the tent this morning it was to bright sunshine – the wind was still fierce, though not as bad as it has been.

I made an early start this morning, determined to make up for a short day yesterday. I lost altitude throughout the day, following the ‘Losna’ river out of the mountains. To start with, the river valley was steep sided and rocky, with the river a torrent of white water. But as the day progessed, the river became wide and lazy with the surrounding valley covered in farms rather than pine forests. The wind was a challenge to start with, and although it persisted throughout the day, it eased as I lost altitude.

I made my way passed Lillyhammer today, the site of the 1986 Winter Oylimpics: its strange to think that although I’ve been cycling south for two weeks, covering well over 1000 miles, I’m still far enough north for ski resorts to be commonplace. I left the E6 just before Lillyhammer, following quieter roads which parrel the main thoroughfare. These roads are obviously popular with local cyclists, and I passed a quite a few as I went. Late in the day, with over 100 miles under my belt, I got into a bit of a race with a couple of guys on road bikes – I managed to beat them up a steep mile and half climb, but nearly crashed on the descent: touring bikes don’t corner that well at speed! The burst of speed I’d used took a lot out of me, and it was with great relief that I reached today’s campsite – still, the look on the faces of those blokes as they were overtaken by a guy hauling 15kgs of kit was priceless! I managed to cover about 110 miles today, and need another good day tomorrow to be in Denmark for the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Following a River

  1. Hi Ed,
    Great to have a photo, scenery looks wonderful. So glad the wind was slightly better today, but not sure you should be racing strangers up hills! Hoefully tomorrow the wind will be even better. Great to have a post to read each day.
    Love you,
    Mum xxx

  2. Hi — that was your Mum showing me how to use the laptop, Start again!!
    Hello Ed, At last I (we) are reading your blog and able to send you a word or two in total awe at your progress. I have just re read Tarzan of the Apes and you are running him close for adventure and endevour The wind speed —head wind period was just awesome I had an extra whiskey on the thought of if. I think your writing has gone into the Hemmingway mode. Whereas your blogs from Ametca were rather journalistic (neccessarily so) your prose now is very beautifully considered and the descripive prose flows beautifully. I am at Your Mums tonight we go to Sherborne with Em tomorrow which should be wonderful she is such a talent. Thank you fior continuing to be the Champion you are We think of you alays . Love you ever Grand ma and Grandpa xxx

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