I woke at 6 this morning to the sound of heavy rain, and decided to go back to sleep for half an hour to see if it would abate. This was a good plan on paper, but what I didn’t bank on was sleeping through the next alarm – by the time I got going in ernest, having packed and had breakfast, it was past 10. This may not sound like too much of a delay, but when you have 100+ miles to cover it pays to have an early start – although at least I managed to get some extra sleep.

It rained for most of the morning, but my midday blue skies had returned, and I was able to pack my rain gear away. I climbed away from the river I’d been following yesterday, and while I’ve now left Norway’s biggest mountains behind me, I still ascended to well over 500m. This set the trend for the day: I’d climb up away from a river, and then descend to follow another, before climbing again. It was hard, tiring work, but the descents were great fun, and I made good progress, recovering some of the time lost this morning.

I was heading into Hønefoss, and having covered around 80 miles feeling pleased with how the day was going, I heard the dreaded ‘ping’ from the rear wheel and knew at once that I’d broken another spoke. As I was in a built up area I turned off the main road to look for a quiet place to fix it. While doing so, I saw a sporting goods store and thought I’d have a look on the off-chance that they did bike repairs. As it turned out they didn’t, but the assistant called a local bike shop who agreed to help – after I’d mimed by problem to her as she didn’t speak English! I cycled over to the other store, and found the first proper bike shop I’ve seen in Norway – the guys there were great and sorted my wheel using proper workshop tools free of charge.

Feeling incredibly lucky I went on my way. The last 25 miles into Vickersund were tough and hilly – As soon as I arrived in town I fell upon a greasy spoon, and ordered the biggest thing on the menu. Full of chicken, I made my way to a campsite, and pitched the tent just before it started to rain.




One thought on “Luck

  1. Hi darling,
    Jusr checked your blog before going to bed, and was delighted to see a post. Grandma, Grandpa and I have just gasped our way through your day, and couldn’t believe you have had another broken spoke! Amazing luck to find a bike shop who could repaire it though. We are off to Emma’s Commen tomorrow. Been talking about you this evening…we all think you are amazing. Keep trucking. Love you Mum xxx

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