Double Century




I had a rather inauspicious start this morning – although I was up in good time I noticed that I had a flat tyre midway through packing my tent. As I was juggling stowing away the last of possessions, and making the repair a Dutchman decided that it was a good time to come over for a chat. He was nice enough, but seemed quite oblivious to my predicament and had the annoying habit of pausing midway through a sentence to stare into space. By this stage I was running quite late, but finally, just as the Danish chap had begun an anecdote about a trip he’d made with his family to australia, he was dragged away by his wife. I managed to finish packing, and replace my rear tyre with a spare (the old one having been shredded by a large shard of glass) getting on the road about an hour late.

While it didn’t rain much today – just occasional drizzle – low cloud meant that I couldn’t see much, making for quite unentertaining cycling – staring at a white wall gets old after a while! The terrain was pancake flat however, and I had a slight tailwind propelling me along, so the miles ticked away nicely. Stopping for lunch after 60 miles I reflected that one thing I’d definitely recommend Denmark for is it’s pastries, not only are they delicious, but they make for a perfect energy boost after a mornings cycling.

The cloud thinned this afternoon, and the wind picked up and I reached my planned destination, ‘Ribe’, sooner than I’d planned. In light of the favourable conditions I pressed on, following a section of the ‘North Sea Cycle Route’ which follows the coast from Scotland to Trondheim. By the time I finally stopped I’d covered over 130 miles, and had reached ‘Tønder’, a city on the german border. Today’s was a long ride, and the first time this trip that I’ve ridden more than 200km in a day, but it means I’ve crossed Denmark in two days, and have another country to look forward to tomorrow.





4 thoughts on “Double Century

  1. Hi Darling,
    Your post from yesterday has only just arrived (mon morning) but lovely to get it before I go off to work. Several of the blogs seem to have dropped off….not sure why? Can’t believe you cross into Germany today, it suddenly feels as if you are zipping along. Sorry the signal was so bad last night, hopefully we can have a chat tonight, I’m sure the Germans will have all that squared away!
    Love you,
    Mum xxx

  2. wow 200 km welldone, must call you superman. You will be in Portugal by the end of the week
    well done Ed what a player

  3. Hi Edward you didnt have much chance to learn any Danish not even a taste of the bacon anyhow its behind you now and on to the FATHERLAND
    and all that sausage wow .Your doing great well done the ride through Norway must have been wonderfull but hard work a one off The bike is doing well and and punctures plus spoke problems are to be expected considering the weight its carrying good job you can help yourself.We are with all way so you take care look forward to your next call love nana and grandad xxx

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