Another cold, grey morning greeted me as I rolled out of the tent this morning – although at least it wasn’t raining. I was on the road for half eight and crossed the boarder into Germany after around 5 minutes riding – once I’d paused for a moments elation, my first priority was breakfast. I managed to find a local bakery, which beat the gas station fare that’s my staple diet – I think I shocked the two women working there by tucking away a baguette and a foot-long choclate pastry – I’ve got to get my energy from somewhere!

The scenery was much the same today as it has been since I arrived in Denmark – flat farmland dotted with wind turbines. The most noticeable difference was the increased number of villages, much more like England than Denmark or Norway. The change which had the most impact on me however, was the decrease in the quality of the cycle lanes – whereas the ones in Denmark were silky-smooth for the most part, these made for a bone-shaking ride.

In an effort to find a road without a cycle lane I left the main thouroughfare – route 5 – in favour of country lanes, but to my dismay these too had cycle lanes and I succeeded only in adding a couple of unnecessary miles to my route. I cycled without a map for most of the day, and so was hoping to find a campsite sign posted off the main-road. Just when I was thinking I’d have to wild camp, I saw a sign and jumped at my chance. Fortuitously, I managed to end up at the only campsite for 30 miles in any direction having cycled almost exactly 100 miles. I’m camped on the banks of the river Elbe and, having headed due south for the entire trip so far, will turn west tomorrow and start to make a beeline for Bordeaux.


2 thoughts on “Germany

  1. Well done on getting another 100 miles under your belt. You sounded a bit flat when we spoke tonight, hopefully you will get some blue skies soon, which is bound to lift your spirits. Emma is starting her 5 day D of E exped tomorrow on Dartmoor, and the forecast is rain!! So you are not the only Pickup who is a victim of the weather! The Netherlands next…I wonder what the quality of their pastries and cycle lanes will be like!
    Keep your spirits up, you are doing amazingly well.
    Love you, Mum xxx

  2. You are crazy and this is amazing! Lewy sent us the address for the blog so I will make sure I keep checking it. Hope the weather improves and the bike holds out. We missed you the last couple of weeks in London. Hopefully I’ll see you when you get back and if not I’m soooo coming to North Carolina! Good luck with the cycling, you can do it!
    Miss you Nicki xx

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