I woke up to sunshine and birdsong this morning – a far better wake up call that the patter of rain! I had breakfast at another bakery – not as good as yesterday’s, but I wasn’t complaining.

The bike lanes in the netherlands are the best so far, and often are more like smaller roads paralleling larger ones, used by local traffic, bikes and mopeds – but often as not I had them to myself. I though that the area I went through yesterday afternoon was built up, but it was nothing to today – I cycled 100 miles today, and about 80 of them were spent in one city or another, from Oldenzaal to Kleve it was a solid mass of grey – worse than cyclic through the midlands, and that’s saying something! By the time I finished I was exhausted – it rakes far more concentration navigating through cities and dodging traffic, than following one quiet road all day. However, the 20 miles of countryside I did have were better than anything Germany had to offer – just as flat but somehow far more interesting. I even managed to see some of Holland’s iconic windmills.

After around 60 miles, I had my second crash in two days: I leaned to follow a turn in the road and the bike slid out from under me on loose gravel. It was worse than yesterday’s accident, but apart from a few scrapes me and the bike were fine. Having had supper at a small café on the roadside, I ended up at another mini-campsite and was more glad than usual of a shower and a lie down. I didn’t finish until 7.30 today – nearly 12 hours after setting off – I just hope I have more open road tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Windmills

  1. Hi Edward,so pleased to read a message this morning ,we got a bit not seeing any thing for two days,Germany does sound a bit depressing in parts ,you are doing fantastic 100 miles a day /// (you will soon be on the beach)once long ago !!! I on my bike I had a skid on some gravel the grazes i had were really sore if you have some make sure you keep them clean !!!Grandad is following you every mile so you take care Love you lots Nana @ Grandad XXXXX

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the messages! Sorry about the lack of a blog post for the last couple of days, the Internet connections been a bit dodgy. I’m in Belgium now and seem to have finally left the flat lands behind me, I never thought I’d say it, but I was glad to see some hills – far more interesting. I didn’t get any bad cuts from the crash – my pannier took the worst of the impact – a bit like an airbag! If all goes well I should be in France either tomorrow or the day after. I’m really glad you’re following on the map.

      Lots of love,

      Ed xx

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