Hot, Hot, Hot




I was woken this morning by the kids in the next tent, who seemed to think that 6 in the morning was an acceptable time to start crying. I couldn’t get hack to sleep, so spent a while reading – there was no point in getting going as any bike shop in town wouldn’t open until 9.

At 9 I was the first in the door at the tourist office, asking for a local bike shop. No luck – many french shops don’t open on a Monday, and all the bike shops in the city held to this truth. So I decided to press on, resolving to make the fix when the wheel got further out of true. It was scorching today, peaking at 37 degrees just after lunch. I think the heat made the landscape look more arid than it was – to what were golden fields yesterday were dry brown, lifeless, patches today. It became more hilly as the day went on and the roman-style road going arrow straight over every obstacle made for some steep climbs.

It was a great ride despite the heat, and I made good progress, reaching the Loire valley after 110 miles. There were quite a few other cyclists at the campsite, and I spent the evening talking to a couple of them, whilst munching on some prunes donated by a Dutch couple.


7 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. Landscape looks pretty spectacular to me, especially from rain drenched cloudy UK! Glad you had a good days cycling, can’t believe you are in the Loire Valley, you are making incredible progress and I would imagine you will be in Bordeaux ahead of schedule at this rate. Just got home from a night on the town with the girls from work…..just Prezzos, but we had a good laugh. Hope your wheel continues to hold, slightly annoyed that all my searching was a waste of time! Love you, Mum xxx

  2. Ed, I wrote a sizable note this morning but it seems to have got lost. I will try with this little message to make sure my system is working and if so I will try again Love you Grandpa Grandma

  3. Hi Edward You are making great progress the Loire fantastic its many years since i was there wild boar seemed to be a danger watch out .Your pal will soon be joining you that will be great the weather seems a lot better too.Your wheel wants fixing lets hope soon Have you seen any thing of the cycle race ? ,Well keep miles cracking and stop falling off love you lots Nana and Grandad xxxx

  4. Edwardo,
    Think I have sorted out my finger trouble–again!! Sorry I have not been in touch for a while but we have been on holiday in Wales for a week and communications there were by morse code. We have caught up with your ongoing saga’s and as always so impressed with your endurance,self belief and cheerfulness in the face of all the cycling traps that the continent keep throwing at you together with adverse weather situations.We blinked and you had crossed off three countries– what an achievement. Keep your eye firmly on the safety areas—- as Shackleton said in his epic endurance trip safety was always his first criteria, it must be yours too Ed.Get that spoke fixed and keep eating those breakfast pastries and cornish pasty’s. We had a lovely time away— the hotel was first class and the food superb. Em did us proud again with her stamina trip returning home safe and sound— what a star she is, she was lovely at Sherborne speech day–it was a gorgeous day out and we are all so proud of her. I am in training for the football season which is only a few weeks away now—Chelsea are making offers but I am biding my time.– I will be taking John and Jo out this week as Guy and Flossie are away on Church duties—- they caught masses of fish in POOLE harbour last week and are keen to get out again. Watch out for the sun and hard cracked road surfaces and do do take good care of yourself We love you very much. God Bless
    Grandma and Grandpa xx

  5. Hi Ed.
    I am enjoying your blog. Your experience of closed shops in France on Sunday and Monday must be extremely irritating.Its so different to U.K with seven day a week shopping.
    Hope you get the wheel fixed today .
    You have had the extremes of weather havent you.Nice that the camping has been more successful and sociable than your USA experience, despite the screaming kids.
    Mark and I are off cycling inWales this w/e. a mere 40 miles tour, a morning jaunt for you !
    Looking forward to your next installment.
    Love Aunty Julie.x

  6. Hi Edward No blog we missed your comments .Anyhow you must be well on your way to your to the meeting place of your pal or pals Did get anywhere near Vierzon it was pretty much all factory years ago .I hope the weather is cool enough for the last country take it steady it can be really hot see you soon .All love Nana and Grandad. xxxx

  7. Ed, I wrote a sizable note this morning but it seems to have got lost. I will try with this little message to make sure my system is working and if so I will try again Love you Grandpa and Grandma

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