Custard Chicken




I had a pretty bad nights sleep with the burn – I couldn’t get comfortable for ages, and kept waking up whenever I rolled onto it. I woke at 6 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so packed up – which took far longer than usual as most movement of m upper body hurt! Sill I made it through the quite suburbs of Bordeaux to the airport without a hitch, and was there in good time for the guys (Sam and Lewy) flight.

It’s awesome to have some company, and I’ve talked more today than I have in a long time – definitely a nice change! They got in at around 10, and spent the next hour or so building the bikes. From the airport, we went into Merginac – a suburb – to grab some food and do a bit of route planning. The route planning went well, but finding food was more difficult – it being a Sunday. The first place we tried only had a couple of pastries, so we set off again, and kept a look out for a better option. We found an open bakery pretty quickly, and bought a couple of chicken filled crepes that looked good on the shelf but proved to be filled with bits of chicken, and custard. Not the best combo!

From Bordeaux we made our way toward the coast, and made good time despite a stif head wind. We stopped for a beer in Sanguinet, and managed to watch the end of today’s stage of the Tour de France. Rested after the break we turned south down the coast, finishing the day in Parentis-En-Bom.

Having arrived at the campsite we went straight to the pool and dived in, only to be berated by the pool attendant for wearing board shorts. I thought that he objected to the wearing swimming trunks in general, assuming that it must be a nude pool, and proceeded to oblige him. Suffice to say two naked Englishman (Sam having had the good sense to keep his trunks on) in his pool didn’t improve his mood! It turned out to be a ‘Spedo-only’ pool, which were available to purchase for a reasonable price from the campsite office – blatant rip off!

The rest of the evening was spent eating pizza and drinking beer – definitely a nice change from the usual routine!

3 thoughts on “Custard Chicken

  1. Hi darling,
    Great that you have met up with Lewy and Sam, it must be wonderful to have some company after all this time. Your sun burn sounds painful, but hopefully things will improve in a couple of days. It will be interesting to watch your progress now that there are three of you!
    Love you, mum x
    PS Grandpa is having a problem posting his blogs. When he tries, a little message appears saying his blog is being moderated? Any ideas how to fix the problem?

  2. Dear Ed,
    Mum and Em had a go trying to fix the problem I have in communicating with you.
    Its infuriating to write a long mail to you and get it stopped by a bug somewhere.
    I am trying again this short message to complement you for your continuing epic adventure and try to untangle the mess. Will write again if this bloggoes through
    All our love Grandma Grandpa

  3. Hi Edward How nice it was to here from you again now you have squared things up.Your pals have now arrived so its off again for the last leg dont forget concentrate on roads in Spain they are mad at least you should have some nice weather.and no broken spokes Well enjoy yourselves and look for ward to next blog all our love Nana and Grandad xxxx

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