I was woken by the sounds of the carnival setting up for the day around 6, and could’nt get back to sleep, so packed up and hit the road early. There were some tough climbs early on, but with those out of the way I started to lose altitude as I made my way south-west towards Bordeaux.

The weather was perfect for cycling – around 30 degrees with bright blue skies, and not much wind. I hadn’t set a target for today – Bordeaux being around 130 miles from where I started I decided to see how I went. By midday I’d decided to make a dash for Bordeaux, so I could enjoy a couple of days off the bike. The only thing that marred a great start to the day was breakig another spoke – number 5 – I decided to push on and get it fixed in Bordeaux.

After leaving the hills behind me the road was flat and soon enough I was peddaling through the vineyards that surround Bordeaux. Getting to the campsite was more problematic – I went right into the centre, and then had to cut north through the city, eventually ending up outside the ringside again. But after another 200+ kilometre day I’d made it to Bordeaux.

Today was full of milestones – not only did I complete the solo stage of the journey, but I also arrived exactly 1 month after I set off, having left Nordkapp on the 14th June. Further, I crossed the 3000 mile barrier today and to cap it off the 14th July is a national holiday in France. An auspicious day to finish the first leg on! All I need to do now is enjoy a couple of days off the bike.



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