Thunder and Sunshine




I overslept this morning, only waking when the rising sun had turned the tent into a furnace. Still, thanks to some quick packing – practice makes perfect – I didn’t loose too much time. I made my way through more rolling farmland, not that I was complaining – it was a good temperature for cycling, and I had the road largely to myself. The good weather didn’t endure for long however, and I was soon engulfed by storm clouds with rain, thunder and lightening following soon after. It was quite impressive – the noise was deafening and the lightning flashed white across the deep purple clouds.

After 40 miles or so I reached Bourges, a medieval city with an impressive cathedral, and went straight to the tourist information office to enquire after a bike shop. They gave me directions to two and a city map – after a bit of searching I found the first and they fixed my spoke no problem, as well as lending me tools to fettle a few things on the bike.

Soon enough I was back on my way, and what’s more the sun had come out, with temperatures soaring again. By the time I’d had lunch it was well over 30 degrees – I was getting more tan by the minute! With the good weather came a nasty headwind that made the going tough – in light of that I decided to call it a day in Chateauroux. I had a nice evening at a quite campsite in the middle of the city park, watching the sun give way to clouds.


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