We were up at 7 this morning, which came as a bit of a shock to the guys I think, but no complaints and we were out of the campsite for just past 8. Breakfast from a bakery, and we were fuelled up and on the road. We made good progress, riding through woodland paralleling the coast. There had been a storm overnight and while the worst had past the weather wasn’t brilliant.

We stopped for lunch with the majority of the day’s cycling done. I usually grab some fruit for a midday snack and get back on the bike quickly, so a baguette full of ham and cheese and a proper break was a nice change! We finished the day in Biarritz, and had a beer on the beach before heading off to find a campsite. The first one we tried was closed, but we managed to find a pitch on the second attempt. It was getting late by the time we got the tents up, so we had a mad dash to the supermarket to make it there before closing.

The barbecue at the end of the day felt well deserved after 80 or so miles – plus we’ll need the calories, tomorrow we head for Spain and the Pyrenees.


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