The weather hadn’t seemed to improve much overnight, it was still overcast and damp as we packed up camp this morning – not what we were expecting from Spain in July! The first order of the day was to get breakfast in Pamplona: we found a café and ordered a huge amount of pastries – to the mirth of the waitress who babbled in Spanish and mimed being fat!

Finding the right road out of Pamplona was a bit of a navigational challenge, but we managed eventually, and were soon flying west. The going was challenging with frequent steep climbs but the exhilarating downhills (over 70kph) and the awesome scenery more than made up for it. For much of the day we followed part of the pilgrimage trail to Santiago de Compostella, and saw loads of pilgrims on the side of the road. The weather improved throughout the morning, rising to over 37 degrees by lunchtime and giving us our first taste of the Spanish heat. Water might have been an issue, but lots of the villages we passed had fountains of drinking water – perhaps for the pilgrims.

We finished the day at a campsite just passed Logrono, tiered and hot but having had a brilliant day’s ride. A jump in the icy cold pool and we felt as good as new, I fixed a broken spoke on Lewys bike before getting ready for a barbecue. Dinner was staggered a bit as I had to try and repair my stove – I managed it in the end, but it meant a bit of a late night and we need our sleep for more mountains tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Pilgrims

  1. Sounds like you are making amazing progress. Don’t knock the cooler weather, I’m sure you will be wishing for some in a few days time! My last day at school today, so feeling very relieved to be on holiday, and just a liitle sad to be saying goodbye to my class. Also Em’s B’day today!!
    Love you,
    Mum xxx

  2. Edward, you seem to be having a real time ,it must be fun for the three of you hope the weather doesnt get to hot it will be good to spend some time on a beach the photos are lovely ,what went wrong with the stove i thought you bought a new one ,will you be going near Marcia Nanas sister lives in that area ?the weather is sunny today just right for Nana and Emmas birthday!!!1you take care we love you Nana and Grandad xxx

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