After a late night the morning seemed to come all too soon, but we still managed to get packed up and on the road by 8.30. The first couple of miles set the trend for the day: a steady, unrelenting, uphill that gave breakfast little chance to settle. We were going well until Lewy broke another spoke, a bit abound so soon after a repair, but we pressed on resolving to keep an eye out for a bien shop.

We approached some locals outaide a café in the first town we arrived at and, after a bit of broken Spanish, a lot of pointing and one or two diagrams, managed to get directions to a bike shop on the outskirts. The mechanic there managed to get the spoke fixed, and we were back on route after an hour or so. We were behind shcedule, bur a good road made for some fast miles despite a steady uphill trend. The weather was fairly overcast this morning, but we weren’t complaing – the climbs were far easier than in yesterday’s heat. Midway through the morning we were overtaken by a club of road cyclists on a long ascent – determined not to be outdone I kept pace, and got past them before the top, despite the 15kg of gear on the back of my bike!

We bought bread meat and chesse for lunch in ‘Belorado’ and were just about to push on, when Lewy noticed that he’d broken yet another spoke – without a bike shop to hand we decided to push on, and try and get it sorted ASAP. We stopped for lunch after another 10km, after some more climbing and, managing to block part of the pilgrimage trail with of gear, had to scramble out of the way every couple of minutes.

With the temperatures soaring after lunch, we had a really tough climb up to 1150 meters – the highest I’ve been this trip – but the views and the resultant downhill made it more than worth it. We coasted into Burgos on the back of a stiff tailwind, getting into the campsite in good time with another good days ride done. After the tents were up we had an ice bath in the campsite swimming pool before supper – a nice end to a hot day. First priority tomorrow is to find a new wheel for Lewy’s bike, the current one having deteriorated this afternoon, and to try and have a look at Burgos’ gothic cathedral.


2 thoughts on “Altitude

  1. Spokes seem to be the key note of this trip! Hope you manage to find a bike shop tomorrow, and that you are able to purchase a wheel for Lewy’s bike. Just had a lovely evening, celebrating Em’s birthday and my end of term…still hasn’t hit me that I am on holiday! We are watching the last Harry Potter movie tomorrow, can’t believe you wont be with us.
    Safe cycling,
    love you, Mum xxx

  2. Edwardo, You will soon be able to write a book on spoke repairs around the world.When we first embarked on bike selection I had no idea that spokes were
    such a weak link in the design. Hope the problem is now resolved. Water supplies dont seem a problem which is good news now that the temperatures are getting up. As always you seem to be tackling the terrain with your usual determination and drive.
    We are going out for supper with mum and Em this evening to celebrate her birthday in Salisbury with Jonny J and friend really looking forward to it.We shall miss you. It has been bucketing down with rain all night and cold for this time of year—- still it is summer in England !!!
    Continue safely on your journey We are with you every mile. All our love Grandma Grandpa xx

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