It was cold this as we packed up this morning – a product of sleeping at 900m! Nevertheless, we made it into Burgos for 9 this morning attempting to find a new wheel for Lewy’s bike. The first port of call was the tourist office but, upon finding it didn’t open until ten, started asking locals. This proved fairly fruitless at first, but eventually a funny Mexican chap guided us to a shop who were able to help. With a new wheel for Lewy, a new tire for me, and having seen the cathedral, we were on our way again.

We had a couple of tough climbs, but for the most part the going was great – we had the wind behind us and the sun overhead, perfect conditions to make the miles tick by with alacrity. Midway through the morning, we turned south-west and caught the full benefit of the tail wind – easily the strongest I’ve ever had – it felt like our push-bikes had motors! We didn’t stop until we reached Palencia, with 100km behind us, where we paused for lunch – something that involved sandwiches with a ridiculous amount of meat in them. With full stomachs we pushed on – slihtly more slowly – finally finishing the day near Valladolid.

We spent the evening by the pool, retiring back to the tents as the temperature dropped. It would have been a perfect evening had it not been for the stove which packed-in again – leading to us resorting to baguettes of chorizo and green pepper (Sam was bold enough to go for cold chicken stock with his). We’ve got an easy day tommorw, and are planning on exploring Valladolid a bit, but a new stove is a priority.



2 thoughts on “Flying

  1. Hi Ed,
    Thats a bit annoying about your stove, I seem to remember you bought it new for the trip, at quite a lot of expense. Still it sounds like an amazing day with that tail wind, you really are all making fantastic progress. Just got back from a night out in Salisbury celebrating Em’s and Jon’s birthdays. Missed you, but did talk about you and raised the odd glass! Oh, almost forgot to say that we watched the new Harry Potter film today, easily the best one in my opinion, but a little sad to finally be at the end!
    Enjoy exploring Valladolid.
    Love you Mum xxx

  2. Edwardo, So pleased the wheel saga is resolved–sounds like a wonderful ride yesterday especially with a gale up your back,its good also to do a bit of sight seeing and taking stock of the local culture,super. Lovely birthday night out in Salisbury last night, but again did miss you. The girls took masses of pics that you will catch up with later. Smashing pics also of you all at the palace all so photogenic. Guy and family back from Cornwall tday–had a super hol nice to have a down dump with them saw pics of Katie diving in the Barrier Reef she is having a ball but only one more month to go–amazing how time flies. keep avoiding those bear traps and policemen stay safe..Thanks for your continuing excellent blogs All our love always,
    Grandma Grandpa xxx

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