Day of Rest




I set the alarm for 7 this morning but, after a general consensus that another hour’s sleep was needed, got up and started packing at 8. We quickly cycled the 15 miles or so to Valladolid, but had a bit of difficulty finding the city centre. After asking for, and following, several different sets of directions we managed to find the tourist office and ask for a camping shop.

They couldn’t help us, but we managed to track down a new stove at a sports store whilst wandering around the town. After a lunch of tapas and a few beers none of us felt much like moving onto the next campsite, but we didn’t have much choice – suffice to say that the next 25 miles weren’t easy!

We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool and, after breaking in the new stove at dinner, went to expolore the town – ‘Tordesillas’. After a wonder around, we found the whole town turned out in the central square watching a live Spanish band, and joined in – the atmosphere was great, certainly one of the most memorable evenings of the trip so far.

2 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. Hi Ed,
    Wonderful to see you relaxing and enjoying the local culture for a change. I am sure it will have done you the world of good, and although you will probably wake with a sore head, I am sure you will make good progress tomorrow. Had a great day in Bath today with Jojo and Emma. Love you Mum xxx
    Ps glad you managed to get a new stove…hope it’s not too heavy!

  2. Hi Ed Sam and Lewey,I am so enjoying your blog,sounds like you are all having a great time and a few headaches along the way.I know that road to Valladolid l have driven it many times and know Salamanca very well en route to my friends who live in Zamora.Keep it up boys and well done all of you,lots of love and best wishes to you all Leweys Auntie Sallyxoxoxo

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