We got of to an early start this morning, despite an late night last night, and were out of the campsite well before 9. We made great time this morning, despite gaining altitude, helped along by a healthy tail wind and extra rations of ‘Crusli’ for breakfast. The only set back was my breaking another spoke – it’s in an awkward position, with access blocked by the break rotor, so I’ll need to get it fixed at a bike shop.

We arrived in Salamanca well ahead of schedule but, it being Sunday, couldn’t find an open supermarket. So we had lunch at a bar and pressed on towards the campsite, hindered only by Lewy getting a puncture. We arrived in ‘Alba de Tormes’ earlier than planned, and had a great afternoon watching the last stage of the Tour de France in a bar before pitching the tents. The campsite isn’t the best, and we couldn’t track down any open shops, but managed to find a cheap resturant for dinner. It’s an early night for us tonight as we’ve got another mountain range to tackle tomorrow – although that might be a challenge as the bar next to the campsite is still in full swing!




4 thoughts on “Salamanca

  1. Love the pictures, the landscape looks amazing. Hope you managed to resist the pull of the bar…although I somewhat doubt it!! Have been looking at the map this evening to see where you are,and can’t quite believe how well you are all doing. Gibraltar will be in your sights before you know it. Do let me have everyones details so I can book the flights home. Good luck finding a bike shop tomorrow. Love you Mum xxx

  2. Hi this is Sam’s Mum!

    I’ve just had a message from Sam asking me if I’m receiving his text messages. Would you tell him that I am and that I have replied but he’s obviously not receiving mine. Tell him to keep sending them anyway! I’m really enjoying reading your blog and it’s great to see the photos. Take care of yourselves. Big hug for Sam (!).


  3. iEdwardo, It all continues to be a wonderful adventure,hope a bike shop is not too far away.I was reading yesterday of a tragic accident in the New Forest where a camper died in his tent due to carbon monoxide poisoning by his stove. Please {I know you will} take good care to have adequate ventilation. Hamilton had a good race yesterday and hopes are high for our cricket team today Not too far to go now, another marvelous ride– can’t wait to hear the detail from you. Keep trucking and enjoying every day and watch the safety issues,you know how much we care.All our love always
    Grandma Grandpa

  4. Hi Edward Hope everything is going as planed Spain is going well and the weather is good the San Miguel is going down well too I hope you got the bike fixed ok i should imagine that bike shops are a bit rare more chance with a Donkey shop You all sound to be having a great time so take care watch out for the Bulls All our love Nana and Grandad xxx

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