Bike Repairs




We were up at six this morning, and managed to get on the road for half seven despite my having to make another puncture repair. After about 5 minutes however we ground to a halt again – Sam had ridden right over a sizable bit of glass. Another repair and we were going again … only to stop in short order for Sam’s jammed chain.

A bit of fiddling and it was running smoothly as we finally made our way out of town. We hadn’t made it far when two of my spokes snapped in short succession, makin my rear wheel short three spokes. We had no choice but to push on, but managed to redistribute some of my load onto Sam’s bike to try and spare the wheel. This seemed to work – we made good time after that, but the heat was rising making it a bit of a hard slog as temperatures climbed to over 40 degrees. The landscape was awesome, living up to what we’ve come to expect from Spain. We finally limped into Caceres after 50+ miles, nursing our bikes and dripping with sweat.

After ditching our gear at the campsite, we hit the town in search of the bike shop recommended by the receptionist. Finding it proved to be hard work – on the way I had another puncture and Lewy broke another spoke. Fortunately they were open, and after an hour or so had us back on our way. We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool trying to cool down.

While some might say that today was unlucky I think we’ve been really fortunate, not just to make it to help, but to have got through without major calamity. It’s so hot I’ve decided to forgoe the tent tonight, braving the insects to sleep under the stars – Sam and Lewy have got there’s up, so we’ll see who go it right in the morning!



2 thoughts on “Bike Repairs

  1. I’m with you, sleeping under the stars is just the best! Can’t believe how much trouble you are having with your spokes! It just makes me think how lucky you were in America. Hopefully tomorrow you will have a day free of problems! Scenery looks fantastic, and I am so glad you are managing to appreciate it all inbetween your frustrations with wheel repairs. Still awaiting your travel details, try to get them to me soon, otherwise you will miss the cheap flights.Love you, Mum xxx

  2. Hi Sam – you’ve had an exhausting and frustrating day by the sound of it with problems with a puncture and your chain jamming.
    It’s good to see a photo of you! Hope you’re able to get sunblock OK as the sun is so strong out there. I wondered if you guys took a break between noon and 3 the hottest part of the day and had a siesta like the Spanish do!!
    The scenery out there looks amazing – Spain is certainly a beautiful country. Just wondering how many miles you have clocked up so far!
    Love you

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